DICE Vague on Battlefield 2042 F2P Mode, Says “More Announcements” Coming Down the Line

When asked about a Battlefield 2042 F2P (free-to-play) mode, DICE has been vague, and says more announcements are coming down the line.

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aaronaton39d ago

I'm not paying £70 for f2p players to be on the same server as me.

StoneyYoshi39d ago

It's probably going to be a separate mode thats not related to the servers/modes you paid to be able to access. Kinda like how Warzone is f2p but you still have MP separate if you purchased MW or BOCW.

excaliburps39d ago

Exactly. If they make a F2P mode, it won't be the same as the premium (paid) one. Warzone's success can't be ignored. I mean, if I was EA, I'd make sure there's a F2P mode for it somewhere.

EazyC39d ago

There is an issue there though, if the F2P mode really catches on they will certainly abandon the premium MP. It was actually fortunate that Warzone came out a few months after Modern Warfare as it completely took over once it landed.

XiNatsuDragnel39d ago

Make a f2p mode please oh my god yes

Inverno39d ago

If they don't do a F2P BR then I'd be very surprised. With how big Warzone is a name like BATTLEFIELD can be as popular of done right

Darkwatchman39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

They tried battle royale with BF 5 and it failed to bring players back in. Highly doubt another go, but free, would be the ticket to success

smolinsk39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

They abandoned Firestorm because of other BRs took over. Firestorm was not a full on attempt from EAs part. Of course they are gonna make a BR with a lot more muscle behind this time, anything else would be really weird. The "secret" to warzones succes was the gulag and being able to buy players back.

kryteris38d ago

Probably access the rest of story/specialists and map for x amount.