Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S - Full Next-Gen Release Tested

A final look at the full next-gen release of Fallen Order - a proper PS5 and Series X app that takes advantage of each in myriad ways. From visual upgrades to halved loading times, and performance boosts, Tom covers what's included.

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darthv7289d ago

I noticed a big improvement in performance when comparing my One X to the Series S. It is so much smoother now.

destroyer1168786d ago

My biggest gripe is the hitching that still takes place while traversing. It really takes the momentum out of how pretty and interesting the worlds are. I really wish they would fix that. The visual glitches seem to be few and far between now, but it still doesn’t feel like it is a completely polished game; hopeful they’ve learned a few things about the engine and the next game will be a better gameplay experience with a smoother framerate.