Ghost of Tsushima Updated Box Art Drops “Only on PlayStation” Wording, New Studio Branding Color

Ghost of Tsushima's box art has been updated to take out the "Only on PlayStation" wording, and has a new branding color.

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Nitrowolf234d ago

That is happening without a question haha
Freakn awesome game

Sonic-and-Crash34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

very big mistake from Sony there ....consoles means exclusive software no matter how you spin it ...i dont buy PS5 for premium play-first games ....i buy it for its exclusive software games that cant be bought elsewhere ......i could have waited on PC for 2 years and never buy a PS5......

Tacoboto34d ago

Bringing games to more players after an extended period of time, what a calamitous disaster of Sony to potentially do to a subset of their critically acclaimed titles. However will their fastest-selling console survive such a decision that impacts you so personally?

Sephiroushin34d ago

Then sell your PS5 you can even get what you paid for it and wait those 2 years until it come to PC... or 3 or 4 years or a lifetime nobody putting you a gun to the head and forcing you yo buy on PS5 and not wait or w/e...


There’s no way Sony doesn’t do some research to see if a game is moving consoles anymore. Once that drive period of past, there’s no reason to not let devs make more money via pc ports. It’ll only make the studio stronger for when they get back to making their next Sony-exclusive.

Imalwaysright34d ago


Big mistake for whom? You or Sony? You could have gotten this game on the PC and? Sony gets your money whether you play their 1st party games on their console or on PC.

Vizigoth0434d ago


Yes you’re correct you can and possibly even at discounted price. That means if it ends up on Steam and you purchase it that means a percentage of that money will go to PlayStation Studios. You win. Sony wins. PC or PlayStation platform. Doesn’t matter. That’s they key here whether you purchase now or later PlayStation Studios still get their money.

bouzebbal34d ago

Best țhing I played last year with ff7R

neutralgamer199234d ago


sell the ps5 and get more than what you paid for and keep waiting/hoping some of these games end up on pc. There is no given time table. Some games could come to pc after few years on PlayStation while other ay never come. So far we have quantic dream titles, horizon and days gone so what am i missing here? can you play god of war, bloodborne, uncharted, ghost, the last of us etc,,, on pc?

i really think this will benefit PlayStation brand and sony could generate extra revenue

Mr_Writer8533d ago


This is true. However Sony make the big bucks not from hardware or exclusives, it's on selling games.

We all know that console makers all take a small cut on any game sold (more so digitally).

So the more consoles you sell, the more gamers you have on your platform, the more gamers, the more games sold, the more games sold, the more you make from your cut.

The PS4 sold like a billion games, and Sony took a cut from every single one.

Now there is nothing to say that PS5 won't match (or surpass) PS4 console sales, but as Xbox proved last gen, if you don't have the exclusives, your console won't sell even close to others.

The Switch is another example of how exclusives can help shift a console.

Exclusives aren't the only factor (price plays a part) but most of the best selling consoles ever had both a great price, and exclusives.

Imalwaysright33d ago


Then I guess it is a good thing that more people buy Sony's consoles to play multiplatform games than to play Sony's 1st party games.

Sony knows very well what they are doing and if releasing their 1st party games on the PC was a "big mistake" they would most certainly not do it.

Christopher33d ago

@Sonic-and-Crash: I'm going to actually advise you to not sell your PS5. Because the next thing you know you'll be complaining about having to wait to play the "no longer exclusives" that won't go to PC until a year or two after release. Just keep it, play the games on date of release, and continue to complain that you could have played it years later.

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SDuck33d ago

Ghost of Tsushima 2: Kamikaze Drop

Only problem with this would be the fact we would be allies with Adolf

33d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris34d ago

A PC version is probably in the works.

elazz34d ago

They also removed the making of many other games like spider man as mentioned in the article so it doesn't say a lot.

I think uncharted will come first since those are much older and stated in an official presentation.

Zeref34d ago

Spiderman is going to PC as well

itsmebryan34d ago

I have been waiting for Spiderman on PC. Hopefully it will be out soon.

SDuck33d ago

Pretty sure only Uncharted 4 is coming to pc. Wish the others come as well though

RaidenBlack33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yea, I couldn't edit and fix past the 15 minutes time. Dunno why I typed 2019.

sho0ok36033d ago

If am not mistaken, Xbox gonna have PC to Xbox streaming. Could this be played in Xbox too when that happens? What does that mean for Sony!

Vits34d ago

It's finally comming to mobile? /s

All jokes aside if it does indeed come out for PC that will be nice as I feel it is a more interesting game than Days Gone. Though the latter probably take more advantage of the PC as platform. Just wish Sony would focus more on their older/niche catalog to port over. Things like The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush and Puppeteer. But it's safe to say that I'm the minority.

IRetrouk34d ago

Looks like it could be pc bound, thats great, even more players will get to experience this brilliant game.

Killer73nova34d ago

Looks like will be going to PC

SonyPS36033d ago

Your downvotes combined with lack of replies say that you're correct, and people aren't happy about that reality. It's a bit sad.

Levii_9233d ago

Correct hmm .. how about the opposite of that ? I mean maybe people are disagreeing cause this whole comment section is filled with nothing but trolls and delusional people making assumptions based on a box change that now looks the same as all new PS exclusives boxes which confirms nothing at all.. so yeah it could be because of that. Why didn't Uncharted 4 get that box change as well since it's coming to PC 100% (at least according to people that are really desperate for that to be true) all because of some baseless rumor ?

You see IMO all that is a bit sad.. but that's just me.

And now that you replied to him does that mean he's not correct anymore in your world ? Did it ever occur to you that maybe he didn't have replies because people see right through the bs of those kinds of comments ?