GameStop reveals its top ten game pre-orders following E3 2021

Following all of the news and announcements made during E3 2021 last week, GameStop has revealed the top ten (well, technically eleven) games that generated the most customer pre-orders.

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Neonridr38d ago

seems like there is lots of anticipation for Nintendo titles.

zacfoldor38d ago

I'm personally pretty hyped for Metroid and BotW2.

Neonridr38d ago

absolutely. And Mario Golf this weekend. I've always loved those games.

ZeekQuattro38d ago

I'm glad Metroid looks poised to finally get the sales it deserves. It also topped Amazon when it comes to video game software. The best selling games were Super and Prime. I can see this game topping those.

septemberindecember38d ago

Metroid Dread at number 1? That is awesome. Typically Metroid doesn't sell as much as other Nintendo titles. Hopefully with Dread that changes.

Neonridr38d ago

especially since it isn't the "grander" Metroid Prime title, but a return to roots with the side scrolling version. I can't wait though.

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