PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S Sales Comparison - May 2021

May 2021 is the seventh month the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S has been available for. In the latest month, the gap grew in favor of the PlayStation 5 when compared to the aligned launch of the Xbox Series X|S by 436,117 units. The PlayStation 5 is currently ahead by 3.68 million units.

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Thundercat7731d ago

And the gap will continue to grow in favor of the PS5 as more units become available for users.

EasilyTheBest31d ago

Units sold is becoming less relevant by the month. Microsoft isn't expected to outsell Sony this generation, Microsoft just wants Gamepass on as many devices as possible. If Sony sells 25 million PS5s by this time next year but Gamepass has 50 million subscribers by then, who's winning.
Sales don't mean what they use too..

Killer73nova31d ago

You bring up a really good point and never really thought about it that way. Consoles seem to just be a bit extra revenue but they sell at a loss. Just a bigger user base

PunksOnN4G31d ago

Sony would still make more money??? They made what Nintendo and Xbox made together last year combined lol.
Soo with 25Mil sold at the rate now It would be even worse NOW for you.

GamingSinceForever31d ago

To Microsoft you mean.

Console sells mean everything to Sony who continues to have the higher revenue share and overall profits.

Rude-ro31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Not Microsoft consumers 😂😂

waverider31d ago

You really dont understand much about business. I took 4 years or more for Microsoft reach 20 or 25 millions subscribers and by next year gamepass will be 50 millions? Dude, thats wont happend not even if could only get microsof consoles, its much easier to Sony reach 25 millions next year.....

Sales dont mean nothing? One game sold by sony 70... you understand how many subscribers Microsoft needs? Sony sells two games, now multiply by 25 millions, not multiplay gamepads and other stufff, not multiply psn, not multiply microtransactions... Dude, Sony is doing much, much, much more money, Its easy to see who winning in term of sales. Even in services, PSN does much, much, much more money then gamepass. last year Sony did almost more money then Nintendo and Microsoft together.

PrinceAli31d ago

You people KEEP saying this without mentioning revenue generation and profit lool... Gamepass currentlyt has had 20-25 million people that have subscribed to the service and yet the service isnt profitable AND Xbox's revenue is less than half of PlayStation's which is a consistent trend.. It's the revenue that matters NOT the overall subscriber count that Xbox tries to flaunt because those numbers are VERY misleading!

Orchard31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@waverider “You really dont understand much about business.”

“Sales dont mean nothing? One game sold by sony 70... you understand how many subscribers Microsoft needs?”

Anyone who understood business would know that Sony doesn’t get $70 when you buy a $70 game - they get no where near it. That’s a very basic part of understanding business.

dbcoops31d ago

Units sold are still very relevant if they weren't MS wouldn't have bothered making not one but two console models. People want to believe console sale aren't important to bolster the Gamepass argument and to belittle Sony outselling MS in the console space but the fact is consoles are very much relevant to both companies.

OB1Biker31d ago

Even if gamepass is on every TV and had 2 billions subscribers that doesn't change facts. It's a non issue really unless you want to erase any talk about consoles and all you care about is how much money Microsoft is making.

Babadook730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"If Sony sells 25 million PS5s by this time next year but Gamepass has 50 million subscribers by then, who's winning"

In that scenario it would be a comparison between gamepass to all active PlayStations, PS4 + PS5. 100+ million vs 20 million. And game sales bring in far more money than subscriptions, (including 30% of every game sold) so gamepass is very far from equaling PlayStations net revenue.

Thundercat7730d ago

So consoles sales does not matter now because Xbox is loosing on that front? Sorry but they don't matter to Microsoft. For Nintendo and Sony, consoles sales are a core part of their business and that's why they have such success right now.

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TheProblem31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Ps5 keeps laying the smack down despite the series S being readily available. Looks like Xbox demand is levelling off. While no version of the ps5 is in stock anywhere

SullysCigar31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Add to that the fact that the Series S is so much cheaper than the 'proper' next gen consoles and it's a pretty bleak picture for Xbox on the hardware front right now.

Orchard31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@TheProblem Series S is definitely not 'readily available' here. Good luck finding an S or X.

@SullysCigar Sounds like you're playing the 'Xbox is doomed!' fearmongering card. Xbox is doing fine, better than ever actually - which is good for us gamers, competition is important.

IRetrouk31d ago

It is in the uk, has been for a while.

Orchard31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@IRetrouk That's one country though, and a very small country. Sadly it's not the case here in the states, it's impossible to find S and X.

Readily available would suggest in major countries like the US, I can just walk into Walmart and buy 5 off the shelf - which you also cannot do in the UK.

blackblades31d ago

Speaking of series s, my sister BF just went to gamestop the other day and picked one up. I was what that was random.

darthv7231d ago

@blackblades, yeah GS advertised they were doing in store sales of next gen systems for like one day. I was tempted to take one of my XBO Slims in to put towards a series x but my local shops all ran out of stock. Im thinking they only had 4-5 units each and those went quick.

IRetrouk31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It was xbox second biggest market historically🤷‍♂️, regardless its readily available, what has being able to buy 5 at once got to do with anything🤔 if anyone wants one in the uk they are readily available to order both online and to buy instore

Orchard31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@IRetroUK "what has being able to buy 5 at once got to do with anything"

If something is readily available, stores don't limit you to 1 of them. I can walk into Walmart and buy 5 PS4's or XB1's, or 5 TV's, and they will not limit me because these items are readily available.

The UK stores are also limiting you to 1 unit, meaning the unit is in demand / stock is limited.

And yes, stock varies worldwide, e.g. the other day I linked on here that PS5 was available for days at MSRP in Walmart MX. That doesn't mean PS5 isn't selling well. It is. As are Series S and Series X.

IRetrouk31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I didnt say it wasn't selling well did I🤔(although how we would know one way or the other is anyone's guess untill ms release the numbers, which they wont🤷‍♂️)

I said it's readily available to buy, which it is, limited to one or not smyths alone has hundreds up and down the uk and its been that way for a while now, like it or not, there is no issue buying one therefor it's readily available, you don't need to be able to buy multiple amounts for it to be so, tesco limit how many bottles of coca cola each customer can buy when on offer, does the 16 crates in the warehouse mean its not readily available because the customer can only buy 7 single bottles?

Orchard31d ago

@IRetroUK "tesco limit how many bottles of coca cola each customer can buy when on offer"

That's when the item is on sale, totally different thing - that is to control losses and avoid customers and businesses (e.g. restaurants) from just stocking up in large quantities and causing large losses for the store.

These items are not on discount. They are being purchase amount limited because there are very limited amounts of them available.

Anyway, it's not readily available here, far from it. Both Series consoles are gone in second before I can even get it in my cart. Still waiting over half a year later...

IRetrouk31d ago

My point is just because there is a limit, it does not mean something isn't readily available, and if I wanted to I could go to each one of those stores I listed and buy one from each, thats just not realistic though is it, most people are buying one, I understand its not going to be like that everywhere but in the uk there is no issue with getting the s, the x on the other hand is a complete different story.

Orchard31d ago

Readily available = Easy to find, at MSRP, and without any form of limitation imposed.

That is not the case, in the US or UK.

IRetrouk31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Sorry but I don't agree, it is easy to find, and readily available at msrp, i linked all the major shops for you with stock, there's even more online that I didnt list, I can walk into any of those stores i listed tomorrow and purchase one🤷‍♂️
And if for some mad reason I needed multiple consoles I have an option to do that.

TheProblem31d ago


Play your mental gymnastics all you want. The series S is readily available all over Europe

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NeoGamer23231d ago

Until the supply constraint is resolved these articles are useless. You can really only truly compare sales when supply is unconstrained.

In an unconstrained environment PS could be outselling XB as high as 4:1.

John_McClane31d ago

And the gaming PC trumps them all.

FlavorLav0131d ago (Edited 31d ago )

At $1500 entry for SeriesX or PS5 performance, before we start talking monitors to match it, I couldn’t disagree more. And I have a beast a$$ PC. That sucker is collecting dust while I play Returnal and Demon Souls.

InUrFoxHole31d ago

Lol great 👍🏾 enjoy those sold ps5's and xbox consoles

chiefJohn11731d ago

I hope so, Xbox is much better when it's sells are below PS. When they do better they get cocky and try a lot of BS moves. When they're behind they become a lot more gamer friendly and do pro gamer moves.

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This would be more interesting if we knew how many units were made of each, then we’d know how many might still be on a shelf somewhere.

Rude-ro31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Would also be good to have actual factual numbers to back up these claims... but only two companies actually release said data.

There is a reason “rumor” hast to be tagged for these.

quenomamen31d ago

“ MS no longer cares about sales “ no yea they got into console selling to be 3rd. Red Bull spent 200 Million in F1 to be 2nd as well.

SpineSaw31d ago ShowReplies(2)
thesoftware73031d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Literally the xbox systems are only ONE way of playing MS games.

If you have a Android phone, a PC(dont even have to be high end) Xcloud has you covered.

If you do have a Mid-Range to High End pc your set, if you have an Xbox your set. Soon if you have a browser your set, if you get the Dongle thing they talked about your set, T.Vs might even come with it built in.

So for people talking how much Sony made last year blah blah..its a whole different adoption rate with 3 of the examples I gave above. Sony is already following suit. But very cautiously as not to piss of the more eccentric one box only people. They will be forced to adapt, it's almost a guarantee at this point.

So far we have few PS5 only titles, now going PS4. We have them moving to bring games to PC and phones. Sony would be idiots to limit themselves to one box with the advances in technology. People want options now and more and more dont want to be tethered or limited. It's no shame, MS used big $$ to force the industry in a direction they wanted becuz they couldn't beat Sony gaming brand legacy and more and more its slowly manifesting itself. More than one way to skin a cat..change the whole playing field to your strengths. It's what Nintendo knew a long time ago, cant compete..hmm..let me change the game we are playing, boom, you got the Wii, boom you got the Switch..(Wii U was to similar to the other systems)

MS just went about it Directly at Sony.

sactownlawyer91631d ago (Edited 31d ago )

MS used big money to change the industry just like they did with Zune and Mixer. Look how those worked out. Throwing money at things doesn’t magically fix. Which is why Sony made more money than Xbox and Nintendo combined.

Darkborn31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

That can be taken further and people don't understand. Microsoft has failed at almost everything they made. Zune, mixer, windows phone, internet explorer, edge, bing, windows Vista, windows 8, windows 10, Xbox, windows store, and I'm sure I'm missing a few. Hell, windows alone is only really still relevant because of contracts and because people are just used to it.

And to the naysayers, when Xbox says they never made a cent off any hardware sale since the original Xbox, won't release sales numbers when a few years ago they were all about sales and stomping the competition, their primary method of making money is gamepass which isn't profitable, and they just dug a 7.8b hole that doesn't seem to want to be filled, all the while their plans to double the price of gold backfired. Clearly they don't know how to get out of this predicament and selling gamepass subs for $1 and giving away games that cost millions or hundreds of millions to produce is laughable. That's an utter failure too. I guess I'll wait for more CGI trailers at next E3, what's another year for people waiting 8 years already?

Killer73nova31d ago

@Darkborm your statement makes no sense? If everything you pointed out has “failed” then how have they made so much money?

343_Guilty_Spark31d ago

They didn't just throw money. Zune was ahead of its time and had more features and a better desktop UI than the ITunes/IPod combo. It even had music streaming.

Mixer was also a good product just didn't have the adoption needed to sustain the service.

Windows is on 1 billion devices it's not a failure.

Bing is the number 2 search engine.

Edge is arguably better than Chrome and less intrusive.

Just say you hate Microsoft.

Silly gameAr31d ago


Look up the definition for "monopoly". That's how MS makes all their money.

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DeusFever31d ago

Xcloud also requires an insanely good internet with no data caps. Just sayin’.

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