How the Future Remakes of Final Fantasy 7 May Preserve the Original’s Story

Players of 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' have wondered if future installments will stay true to the original. Here are a couple of ways in which they might.

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Infenes90d ago

This is the content I hoped FFVIIR would spur. I truly think the new Remake series will come onto its own if the developers lean heavily into their entire "end of fates" theme and what happened at the end of the game. It's a remake, sure, but it is also not the original.

Thundercat7790d ago (Edited 90d ago )

It is very clear from the first FF7 Remake that the story is being remake in some ways due to the events happening in the game which for me is ok and I am open to the new changes as it brings something new and a new perspective to the story.

People still expecting that FF 7 Remake will be 100% the original story are not understanding this new game.

MWH90d ago

I think this defeats the purpose. What's the point of investing in this game if it's going to rewrite the major parts of the original events? I can understand a new comer but most players of the original would most likely want the story to remain intact save some minor and well thought changes for good measures. It would've made more sense if they worked on a sequel or just a new game and call it a day.. whatever the case, this remake is not really growing on me. I was hyped too when it was first announced a million years ago but soon i realised that, FF7's story is complete and it's place in gaming history is where it's supposed to be. better leave it there.

It's sad that since after Hironobu the FF name is not what it's used to be.. anyway, my generation's time is reaching its end, and all those moments, will be lost in time like tears in rain.

RPGer90d ago

I agree with you if we could have an exact remake as in very short time as then having VII sequel it would be way better. But we all know that such project need a lot of resources and time than anything. Fans don't have that time at all and it isn't efficient. It took SE forever to give us VIIR, still one year passed and we don't have anything about part 2. Just immagine if the current elements are just waiting in shelves after part 3 or part 4 releases.

This remake is a brilliant way to revisiting OG in expanding 3D world packed with the best Action RPG battle system and unfortunately fans don't appreciate it. Just Imagine OG is The Avengers, the remake is the Endgame where Avengers go back to the OG timeline to adjust things here and there. It is fun and good and great except for that huge fate monster. Other than that it is phenomenal game with next gen Graphics, bringing back our beloved vharacter in best shape and harmony, Battle system that does retain the premium feel of FF games, expanding midgar, delivering of best DLCs ever in the industry and much more. The game have best elements to make great game. It is not like it is bad story anyway.

MWH90d ago


I appreciate your passion and that's what count.

Thundercat7789d ago

Judging by the commercial success of FF 7 Remake, I don't think it defeats the purpose at all.

chasem092789d ago

Calling it now. Remake will follow the same story points as the original, while Zack is in the background fighting Sephiroth to make sure everything happens as it’s supposed to.