Cyberpunk 2077 Is Available at a Discounted Price on PlayStation Store, Also Has a Warning

Cyberpunk 2077 has launched on the PlayStation Store and it is available at a discounted price. It also comes with a warning of performance issues.

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Jin_Sakai40d ago

I’ll wait the native PS5 version is available. If I even get the game that is.

generic-user-name40d ago

Yeah me too, and even then, heavily discounted or used. CDPR lied to console gamers, there are consequences.

menghina40d ago

They will do a poor job on it for sure and they will screw up The Witcher 3 also with the "next-gen" update , good I have the game on disk so I can pass that update ,ffs CDPR.....just go read up what they also did with that French company that was suppose to bring The Witcher 1 to consoles the dude in charge at CDRP are just assholes.

gleepot40d ago

The one that isn't coming?

Vx_40d ago

aside from all the issues with this game, it's an average game with an average/forgettable story and average gameplay.

Notellin40d ago

Agreed. Just like Witcher 3 I'll wait for full DLC and Next Gen patch. $9.99.

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anast40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I played a bit after the most recent patch (PS4 slim) and the streaming has improved a bit, but still looks like it's spitting out particles in most of the dark areas and things like sidewalk cracks etc. Not as bad before but does not look great. NPC duplication has also improved somewhat. This game still has a long way to go before it runs on the platforms they advertised and sold it for.

It seems like instead of building the game for the tech they said they were building it for, they solved development issues by band-aiding newer tech as it came out over the years, which is a problem when they are selling games for consoles. Of course this is a guess as I know f"#$ all about this stuff.

CorndogBurglar40d ago

Its really crazy to think this game has been out for 7 months and its still in shambles. I've given up hope on playing this on PS4 and have accepted the fact that I may not play it until its PS5 version is out in 2023 or later.

shabz66640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Its good to see that its discounted, would have loved to see the reaction to this game had it actually come out finished and bug free, I loved playing this game right till the last act, omg the ending can just ruin your experience.

Vx_40d ago

not really, forgettable game.

badz14940d ago


then they should have made the game worth spending money and time into in the first place. blatantly lying and trying to conceal the truth from a huge chunk of those that pre-ordered and potential customers alike...CDPR has sunken deep!

Stanjara40d ago

Don't fall for it second time.

bloodymeatballz40d ago

It’s actually almost perfect on ps5

Yui_Suzumiya40d ago

I can see the haters are on full force today. Just ignore them. Even the base PS4 version is greatly improved.

philm8740d ago

Yeah I just hate to think people are missing out because they believe the rubbish that people you haven't even played the game are spewing. Not defending the release or last gen performance, but the criticism was well overblown. I played through on the PS5 and loved it. Looking forward to the upgrade when I'll play more side missions etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.