Introducing New Designed for Xbox Monitors Unlocking the True Power of HDMI 2.1 on Xbox Series X|S


At Xbox, we’ve long believed providing choice to our players is a critical part of the gaming experience. Whether it’s controllers, headsets or storage, products available in the Designed for Xbox program enhance the user experience on Xbox. Few devices in gaming are as important as your display, and we know with a new console.

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XxINFERNUSxX116d ago

Don't know why the newer consoles are missing a Display Port interface, it should have been there along with HDMI.

Shuckylad116d ago

Totally agree, 21:9 aspect ratio should also of been a display option. These machines are basically mini pc’s.

XxINFERNUSxX116d ago

Yeah, they both carry audio as well.

KeeseToast115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Because over 90% of console players would probably plug it into a TV anyway, its the same reason they removed the optical audio in on the ps4 slim, so I understnad it from a business pov.

That said I'd wish they would offer a version of their new consoles with extended IO from the get go, kinda like the Elite Version of the Xbox 360 back in the day.

It sucks not having DP or even a 1440p mode on PS5

NoFanBoy115d ago

Yeah Sony want more people to buy their TVs so I doubt they will every enable native 1440p.

nickanasty206115d ago

Yeah, i won't deny between my Xbox and PS5, Xbox definitely is more feature rich with things like supporting 1440p for any of those who do actually like to use a PC monitor to play like myself.

anubusgold115d ago

Those tvs are hard to come by most are still on the crappy old hdmi standard or like TCL tvs they just lie about 120 hrz.

Parasyte115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Absolutely! I have no idea why MS & Sony have been ignoring this. Not everyone plays on a TV!

curtain_swoosh115d ago

but people playing on a monitor are a tiny percentage of all console gamers.

im sure it would have been quite easy to implement it tho.

KeeseToast115d ago

"built from the ground up to provide an ultra-clear and ultra-smooth gaming experience for Xbox fans"

lol it definitely wasnt built from the ground up, its just a new version of the Momentum 558M1RYV which finally adds HDMI 2.1

Phoenix76115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I was kinda expecting it to be a screen with a xbSS possibly fitted into it. Or even a screen with built in GP feature.
No, it's just a screen with the PR spin of, "it's optimized for xbox" with a mode select.

ocelot07115d ago

Yer it's like the Seagate external hard drives you see. You can get green ones officially licenced by Xbox and optimized for Xbox and has a Xbox logo on it. When really it's just a standard external hard drive that can be used on any pc or laptop or Xbox or playstation consoles.

Same goes for that last of us part 2 external HDD. It works on anything that supports it.

K-Tuck115d ago

Or the Nintendo Switch-branded MicroSD card.

jznrpg115d ago

If a monitor has HDMI port it’s a console monitor or you can get an adapter but that’s not ideal. Cool I guess but I’m not downsizing from my LG 65” CX for a monitor . Even when I build
My next Pc (if I can bet find the graphics card not from a scalper) or buy a prebuilt which is the better $ value these days I will hook it up to my CX too. Adding an HDMI port isn’t optimizing really , it’s just adding an HDMI port

curtain_swoosh115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

playing on a monitor wouldnt be an option for me either haha.

but the missing implementation is certainly something people should be vocal about

SouljAx360115d ago

That's not a monitor lol That's a 55 inch TV that doesn't come with a remote.

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