Best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Deals

All the best Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals on all things Nintendo Switch. That includes Switch games, accessories, and services.

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So the rich bastard Jeff Bezos with now a net worth of 200 billion cannot give everyone including non-prime members in on this? Pretty cheap and pathetic. 😁 Greed is like a cancer but with greed there will never be a cure.

ZeekQuattro38d ago

Prime day is for prime members. It's not about greed. It's no different then when Sony or Microsoft give its paying members deeper discounts than everyone else on select games.

VivaChe38d ago

Prime Day blows. It’s either the same sale prices they have periodically throughout the rest of the year, or it’s crap deals like 10-20% off.

instantstupor38d ago

Agreed. These are some stale ass deals.

DarthMarvin37d ago

Yeah, it's pretty bad. Actually worse than Steam sales have been for the past couple of years, and that's saying something.

Inverno37d ago

Clickbait, they're no more discounted than what they are discounted to every blue moon