Battlefield 2042: DICE Says Just Making Maps Bigger Won’t Work, Game Uses “Clustering”

DICE says just making Battlefield 2042 maps bigger for 128-player matches won't work, game uses a new design mentality called "clustering."

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Crazyglues37d ago

Well it sounds interesting, but I will have to see it in action before I'm a believer, the main problem I see is lag, because on Battlefield 4 the reg. games would be fine but once you jumped in a 64 Vs 64 it was crazy, not too much lag but enough that it was not smooth like a reg. rush game...

So kinda hoping this has dedicated servers this time around... Game is looking amazing for PS5, can't wait Since I will get the cross-bundle but will probably mostly play on PS5..

Let's just hope the old DICE is back, that one that use to make amazing Battlefield Games...

MaximusTKG37d ago

Most modern battlefield games have had dedicated servers, especially the most recent good battlefield (4).

Timzster37d ago

That's good if it improves playing the game all around. Looking forward to this "clustering" in action.

Livingthedream36d ago

Yup not sure about lag, never had that issue with battlefield games. COD is a different story

36d ago
excaliburps37d ago

Every BF game has dedicated servers. I think that's one of the main advantages it has over COD which has used P2P servers for the longest time.

Now it (COD) uses some sort of hybrid servers but BF should be safe. I'm already thinking of renting a server (provided they allow it again).

DaveZero36d ago

It has many advantages over cod now.

Agreed with your server comments though.

LordoftheCritics37d ago

BF and dedicated servers. That's how the chaos is handled so well.

Keltech37d ago

They want "clustering," make another Close quarters DLC :)

LordoftheCritics37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I quite enjoyed Close Quarters dlc.

BF3 had a fantastic collection of dlcs.

Keltech35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

BF3 DLC and the Vietnam DLC for BFBC:2. The only DLC I felt I didn't get ripped off.


I feel like MAG took this same approach, albeit their maps also incorporated a lot of symmetry when scaling the maps up to 128 v 128.

Lighter937d ago

This game sounds like a cluster.

aaronaton37d ago

MAG also worked in clusters, with a final central objective featuring all 256 players.

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