Kena: Bridge Of Spirits - A Stunning Action RPG With Big PlayStation Exclusive Style Energy

We've played Kena: Bridge of Spirits and it's absolutely looking like it'll live up to its stellar premise. Read our full hands on preview of Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PS5 for more!

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masterfox34d ago

looking forward to it, looks beautiful.

alb189933d ago

Yep, this one was one of the prettiest games of the SONY presentation. Looking forward for it.

Lightning Mr Bubbles34d ago

Yeah, this game has had my attention since it was first announced, and I was surprised when I found out it wasn't a full $59.99 game. It certainly has the look of a Triple A game. I think this is going to to one of those like Hellblade, where it starts off as an indie and then gets a full fledged sequel and eventually comes a major franchise. I just expect big things from it, it looks really good.

Snookies1233d ago

You mean full $69.99 game now... But yes, it's awesome that we're going to get it at a cheaper price point. I think that will help drive sales as well, for people who are on the fence about it. Always a bit risky buying into a new IP at full price. Looks like a lot of fun though, and the graphics are stunning. Here's hoping it will have a great reception!

phoenixwing34d ago

will be nice to play this on my pc, just not sure if i should wait for an inevitable steam version or just the epic store one

King_Noctis34d ago

I wonder why people downvote you for playing it on PC.

phoenixwing34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I don't know to be honest. I genuinely own a gaming pc with a 2070 rtx super. Which looking back I was lucky to buy before the pandemic really affected hardware for pc and consoles. I've yet to find a ps5 readily available so I don't see why the hive mind is so against pc gamers when the fact is if you can get your hands on a series x, ps5 or next gen pc graphics card you're pretty lucky regardless of which one it is.

gamer780434d ago

It’s a timed third party game it should be expected people will play this Microsoft platforms too.

dbcoops34d ago

I wonder why anyone would all of a sudden believe he has a PC.

DJStotty34d ago

"I wonder why people downvote you for playing it on PC."

Because they think playing on anything other than the Playstation platform is the devil's work.

I'll play it on PC also.

ElvisHuxley33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Probably because they're not new to gaming comment sections. I'm a PC gamer as well, but I never feel the need to let people know specifically that I'm playing a particular game on PC, because it doesn't really matter. Everyone knows what they're doing, lol.

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Teflon0234d ago

It not having a steam version made me say 100% a PS5 buy. Though I'd have likely picked ps5 as long as it's 60fps. But I absolutely hate the epic store and skip anything exclusive to it.

Banthis33d ago

Just wondering, is you PC powerful enough? and if it is, why would you settle for 60fps when PC can give you better performance and looks?

Snookies1233d ago

@Banthis - There are plenty of reasons. Some people, like myself have a PC that can get 60+ FPS but certain games might not perform quite as well. Maybe they want the convenience of a disc to take to a friend's. Maybe they like the trophy system. Maybe they are worried about a shoddy PC port. Which happens a lot more often than it should.

Banthis33d ago

@Snookies I didn't ask you, nor asked the number of reasons, but his/her personal reason to do so.

Banthis34d ago

So it IS exclusive when is coming to PS/PC

dbcoops34d ago

Its only "exclusive" in the same vein as the term "console launch exclusive".

lonewolf1034d ago

Didn't everyone laugh at "console launch exclusive" though?

Matpan34d ago

Yeah... console fanatics are special in that way. Let´s not mention... the other console, lest we get a lot of dislikes...

MrDead33d ago

"So it IS exclusive when is coming to PS/PC"


sourOG34d ago

“Playstation exclusive style energy” lol. That’s how you say PlayStation games feel the same without getting people mad. It looks good, I’m waiting to see if it’s gets a physical release before I preorder.

Lightning Mr Bubbles34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

What are you talking about? Can you give a specific example of which Playstation games feel the same?

Lore34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Maybe the fact that Days Gone and Horizon are both open world games, but where the actual openness of the world serves no purpose other than to take out camps and find meaningless collectibles. Equipment management and crafting both being simple as well, along with no world building. The following is a game that Sony has never produced and quite honestly I don’t believe ever will. Easy for anyone to pick up and play, but offers fun and deep crafting, hundreds of equipment, multiple playable characters each with their own move sets and magic capabilities. Exploration that leads to satisfying loot that doesn’t become stale after 5 hours of play. This is just one example.

34d ago
BehindTheRows34d ago

Yeah, he’s one to ignore. Just constantly looking to start needless fights and generally trolls in Sony topics.

OT: Been looking forward to this since its announcement!

sourOG34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It explained itself. “Big Sony exclusive style energy”. What kind of game do you think of when you hear “Sony exclusive energy”. MLB the show? Well it’s not now but when it was did you associate that with “Sony exclusive energy”? No, that’s not the typical experience.

A shoulder view, story over systems driven game with slower pacing? He’s saying kena feels like the last of us, uncharted, horizon, days gone, etc. They are happy about it. I’m not talking shit either, I literally said I was going to buy it.

Sony has a style when it comes to making games like any other publisher. Sony’s game brand is a certain cinematic feel. That’s facts, it was just funny how they said it. I shouldn’t have to explain that and we only have 10 comments so hopefully that clarifies.

Just because you don’t like what I say doesn’t mean I’m trolling you. And it doesnt mean that I’m wrong. I didn’t pick a fight with anyone. You told somebody to ignore me for no reason lol. You’re the asshole.

Lore34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


I agree just figured these two are the most egregious with also the most hype surrounding them. The other ones at least are fun games for what they are - they are just getting tiresome (Uncharted, TLOU, Sackboy). Those games are great to balance things out but when Sony isn’t offering deeper more lore driven RPG experiences it becomes more difficult to get excited for their platformers and action adventure games. God of War & Ghosts were also great I just didn’t care for the setting of Ghost.

lellkay34d ago

Did this guy just say Horizon has no world building? OK

BehindTheRows33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

As expected, he slings insults due to hurt feelings because he was called out (yes, people should ignore troublemakers), yet ‘thinks it’s funny’ that the article is apparently taking digs at PlayStation.

Truth is, despite the over-the-shoulder perspective in some of the games, PlayStation titles feel pretty different from one another. I certainly don’t feel like I’m playing God of War when Horizon is on or like Miles Morales during a Rift Apart play through.

Thus, ignoring trolls is the best option. :)

sourOG33d ago (Edited 33d ago )


I’m not insulting you and I’m not hurt at all. You come into my conversation calling me an asshole that needs to be ignored. I’m just saying that you are being the asshole here lol. I didn’t start any trouble. Where have I attacked anyone?

They have the same feel and style yes. The perspective is just one aspect.

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Silly gameAr34d ago

A person that would be petty enough to think that little jewel up, probably would write for PSU.

dbcoops34d ago

From what I've seen of this game there's nothing for Playstation gamers to be mad about, why don't you stop with the trolling.

WillyC00934d ago

That’s not at all what they’re saying. But you know that, don’t ya?

Playstation style energy simply means a quality product. You know, something Xbox hasn’t produced in years.

Flewid63834d ago

I mean, games on all platforms are literally the same:

PlayStation: Third-person, epic adventure.
Xbox: Everything FPS
Nintendo: Everything cute & cuddly

sourOG34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Precisely. Xbox was not known for its diversity before buying 20-some studios. My point was that’s how they say it without making people mad. Although some people here seem perpetually mad regardless lol. I thought it was funny, that’s all.

The Wood33d ago

They probably just mean quality..... thats sure to rattle some peoples feathers..... when the brand you champion release so little I guess you just have to vent with passive aggression under guise of opine.... yeah sure dude.

Hope this game turns out solid. It seems a lot of thought has been put into the world. May not be everyone's cup of tea but quality and variety aren't negatives as some would have us believe

sourOG33d ago

That’s the second time I’ve seen that canned answer so I’ll post because it will probably come up again lol. “The Sony brand is quality” is the most generic “loyalist” take I’ve seen lol. That’s the gist of that conversation.

I didn’t and don’t “champion” any brand especially corporations. I prefer some brands to others but I don’t champion them lol. I praise good shit, period. I buy good shit (and terrible shit sometimes lol). I play primarily on PlayStation 5. GOW is exactly like those games. Over the shoulder, similarly paced, a narrative driven “Sony” game. It’s in my top 5 all time. It’s not a negative statement, it’s just a style.

I didn’t say a single negative thing about this game. I said I’m waiting to see about a physical release before I preorder. That’s not “passive aggression disguised as an opinion”, it’s just an opinion. It’s not my fault you conjure scenarios in your head. Do you want me to use caps and be more aggressive lol? IM BUYING IT DAY ONE.

The negativity is in your head bro. I didn’t ask for your commentary, I made a statement about the article, said the game looked good and that I’m preordering. You’re fighting Xbox in your head and lashing out at me because you can mind read my secret intentions through the internet lol. But there is no secret motive and I’m not interested. What I said is what I said. Take it on face value. Everybody is terrible at mind reading, you’re not alone.

BehindTheRows33d ago

I’m sure it’ll be a quality title. Sony’s been on fire all year and this will just add to their portfolio even if it isn’t an in-house game!

sourOG33d ago

What does “big Sony exclusive energy” mean to you? I’m curious to see what y’all associate with that whether it just be “quality” or not. I won’t respond I’m done after this but I will read them.

Having a style isn’t an insult. Why are some of you guys, champions in some cases pretending like you are ashamed of Sony’s style? It’s interesting to me. Why would you be mad at “big exclusive energy”?

Sony’s games have a certain pacing because sometimes they f***ing nail it. It’s that simple. God of war? Perfect pacing. Uncharted 2? Perfect pacing. TLOU2? Great pacing. They are always chasing that sweet spot between game and cinematic. And when they nail it they are some of the best games of all time.

They don’t always hit it though and it’s not to say they are bad games. To say Sony has a style and is the best in the industry at that style is nothing to be mad about imo. I found “big Sony exclusive energy” a funny and accurate alternative to that drawn out description. It’s not trolling or console wars lol. It was a laugh and a purchase confirmation. Have a nice day guys.

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