Here's What Happens If You Mod a Disc Drive In PS5 Digital Edition

PS5 Digital doesn't come with a disc drive but what if you tried to mod one into it? Someone was crazy enough to try it and share their findings on YouTube.

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bestofyou37d ago

Save yourself some time, it doesn't work.

darthv7237d ago

Did you see where he kept putting the disc in upside down? There were lots of comments to that affect.

bestofyou37d ago

I thought maybe he was inserting it upside down but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe that drive was installed the right way.

Eonjay37d ago

Even if he was putting it in the right way it still shouldn't work. We know this because there are videos on YouTube from a while back were people tried and it failed. I believe it fails even on the Disc PS5.

Seraphim36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I watched this the other day. If I recall in the first comment he says that he realized the disc was being inserted upside down and tried the right way w/o any change. As someone else mentioned, this video is from several months back as well. Regardless, that was a lot of hassle, imo, to even try getting a disc drive to register. For those who haven't watched he had to remove a few pieces from the donor board onto the digitals board. So even if possible this isn't something easily done by anyone not well versed in soldering and working on boards.

dumahim37d ago

Yeah, I think someone tried this right after it launched and found it didn't work. This isn't new.

36d ago
Orchard37d ago

It's obvious that this wouldn't work...

darthv7237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I have a feeling that it would but usually the optical drives are paired with the motherboard via fw. Physically it fits and he can get the disc to spin but the motherboard wont see it because it lacks the fw to support it (let alone pair with it).

Orchard37d ago

Yeah... the motherboard pairing is also a fundamental part of anti-piracy, so it would be a huge oversight on Sony's part if this actually worked - with an official or unofficial drive.

StoneyYoshi37d ago

I think if he reinstalled the FW it could potentially work. The installation process probably goes through a component verification process so once it detects the disk drive then maybe it would allow disk use. Its a lot of trouble to figure it out but since this guy already did the hard part, he should also give that a try.

darthv7237d ago

If he could dump the fw from the original motherboard that the drive came from and then flash it to the digital board... it might work. As then the optical drive fw would see the matching flag in the motherboard fw.

Orchard37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Probably not. Disk drives have been per-unit paired to motherboards since the PS3/360 days, the out of box setup on a console isn't like a Windows installer where it detects and installs drivers for anything you have attached.

You'd need a FW mod, like people used to do with the 360.

anast37d ago

There is an huge divide between gamers and entertainers. Most gamers can't even find a PS5 and entertainers are taking sledge hammers to them.

JustTheFax36d ago

He has been buying used ones to repair. He repaired this one in a previous video.

Magog36d ago

They are all under warranty so why would someone sell theirs for being "broken?"

JustTheFax36d ago

@Magog Maybe they bought it from a scalper, maybe they bought it used, maybe they stupidly opened it up thinking they could fix it themselves only to realize they were over their head. Could be lots of reasons, use your head.

b3l0kk37d ago

of course it would not work.... why would you even try?!?!

darthv7237d ago

Thing is... it will work, but there is more that needs to be done to achieve it. Namely the firmware that both the board and drive use to see each other. That is still missing from the equation.

JustTheFax36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Because his viewers kept asking for it, and he delivered. Mostly curiosity. Why not? That is how smart people figure out things. It was a sponsored video, and he got lots of views. Win win

Hawk19866637d ago

I wonder how much interest Sony would get if they brought out a disc drive for it. Or allowed some to be compatible.

DJStotty36d ago

Probably criticism more so than interest if they allowed plug and play external BD drives, because then what is the point of a digital edition?

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