Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Demo First Look

Digital Foundry : It's very, very early days for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - nevertheless, Square-Enix did release a 1080p-only demo for PlayStation 5 and while certainly very very far from completion, there's plenty to talk about here. Which is precisely what John Linneman and Audi Sorlie do right here for your enjoyment.

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Lexreborn241d ago

I really enjoyed the gameplay. And pretty much the things I assumed for the title indeed were the issue. Universally that crushed black stood out to everyone. The frame rate is chaotic and like stated by many others it’s apparent this title is stuck in a dev cycle between PS3 and ps4.

Does that mean the game isn’t enjoyable? Not at all, plenty of its core functions are what make games fun. Exploration, customization, combat execution and lore looks to all be there. Polish is really what the game needs.

Im hoping the reason you pick so many items up is like NiOH where you can sell them to upgrade your current equipment.

The job system is going to be interesting once they introduce ninja, samurai, archer and monk. And hopefully fighting things like Malboro, iron giant and more is a huge challenge.

I wonder if they have plans to incorporate summons in?