PS5-exclusive Abandoned is most likely coming to PC

Yesterday, Blue Box Game Studios hinted that the PS5-exclusive game, Abandoned, will be also coming to the PC.

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Eonjay465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

There really isn't to much to say about this till Friday. After all what are the chances that an actual game called Abandoned is coming to even the PS5 to begin with.

Eonjay464d ago

There is a 50/50 chance that there is no such thing as a game called Abandoned.

Spenok463d ago

That's freaking ridiculous...

Flawlessmic465d ago

Its silent hill by kojima 😎😎

sourOG465d ago

Lmao I caught up on this today at work and they were saying if it’s not Kojima then those devs are going to get crucified for messing with people so hard. I was listening to the theories and conspiracies, funny shit lol.

I hope it is I love silent hill. I’d rather death stranding style than PT style personally.

neutralgamer1992465d ago

Sure like death stranding because kojima you have done quite a poor job this time around. I don't know what would be funnier; getting this confirmed as SH by kojima funded by sony or the meltdown by Jeff grubbs who said kojima was working with Xbox. Watch grubbs tip toe around this and make excuses. He his an insider like I am a insider but Xbox fanboys listen to him so I guess he gets his attention

DJStotty465d ago

So it is not exclusive then?

That is how the saying goes right? If the game launches on PC it is not an exclusive?

BongSmack464d ago

I think exclusive sometimes refers to a game not being made available for a specific console. So an xbox exclusive won't be available on the ps but might be available for the PC and vice versa for a ps exclusive.

DJStotty464d ago

I agree, i would still call it an exclusive, whether it was on PC or not, the same reason i still call games like Halo Infinite, Forza etc an Xbox exclusive, but for some reason when it is xbox in question, the comments are full of "xbox has no exclusives as all their games are on PC lolz" which i do not agree with.

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