Neocrisis: DSi vs PSP 3000

Neocrisis: The latest scan from T3 compares the DSi with the PSP 3000. Which system is better?

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Graphics Whore3602d ago

They really gave the games to DSi? I mean it's more friendly and easier to jump into however alot of those games offer no depth.

zo6_lover273602d ago

There is no denying that the psp lineup isn't good.
The DS has far more games to chose from.

Personally I like the psp better though because I rarely play handheld games anyways.

Sheddi3601d ago

wth? ubisoft? is that what they have been doing? those bastards!

mirroredderorrim3602d ago

Yes. They could eliminate the gimmick touch screen in mind and put those great games on the PSP as ports and brush up the graphics and add content.

I'm redundant with the "and"'s but i am a little wasted atm. :-P

No FanS Land3602d ago

neither of them. well game wise, they both offer their share of sh*tty games and gems. But hardware speaking: I think the DSi is better than the psp-3000 mainly because of the screen issue.

CrazedFiend3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Your question being why would Sony put all that multimedia in the PSP even though you have an iPod? I think that one should have been a no brainer.

By the way, not everybody has an iPod, like you. If it wasn't for the multimedia goodness thrown into the PSP, I probably would have had to throw down a WHOLE LOT of extra cash for the iPod and what ever else to cover the features I use damn near every day on my PSP.

I mean, come on, music, videos, picture viewer, internet, car navi (have you ever priced a stand-a-lone car navi?), camera (yes I do use it quite a bit), Skype phone so I can call from Japan to my Moms back home on 2 cents a minute, the 1seg TV that I use everyday on my way to work AND games??? Sony's PSP has saved me a boat load, thank you.

*EDIT: Sorry, I made a posting mistake. This message was directed to "ablecain" below.

ablecain3602d ago

They prefer the PSP 3000, yet they concede that the DSi has better games. Makes no sense to me. I have an ipod, why the heck would I need all that multimedia junk on my handheld gaming device (emphasis on the word "gaming").

FantasyStar3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Most likely because the average "gamer" has evolved to the point that video games aren't the only requirements for a worthy console/handheld. This gen, we are starting to embrace media entertainment just as much as gaming since the two come pretty close together when objectively comes to the point of "entertainment". As a straight up gamer, I'd pick the DS anyday. However the PSP: you can do so much more with it and that really warrants price of the handheld. I'm guessing the article's judgment was based on "biggest bang for the buck". and well...PSP's got that down 100%

Marty83703602d ago

Cos the Ipod is crap at multimedia.

Doppy3602d ago

Overall the PSP doesn't have impressive games, but the ones that are good, are of console quality. Whereas the DS has variety of fun games so I understand wh ythey game the games to DS.

ButterToast3602d ago

I have a DS and i would much rather have a psp. the only games on the DS i enjoy enough to keep are pokemon and Izuna. I also have zelda, sonic, puzzle quest, metriod, etc. but really the only thing stoping me from selling it is pokemon. If i had a psp i would have patapon, FFT, God of War, Star Ocean 1 and 2, Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, wipeout, Valkrie Profile and have Resistance Retribution, parasite eve and Final fantasy agito to look forward to.

Doppy3601d ago

I think that the PSP is missing it's Pokemon, it just doesn't have anything like that on it. Pokemon can last you a long time, and if the PSP had a game like that it could potentially last forever with DLC, which I think they would do more with the PSP if software sold more. Again I have the perfect game for them if Sony would just hire me.

ButterToast3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

your right, psp definitely doesn't have a game with the lasting and mass appeal that matches up with pokemon, but it certainly its share of worthwhile games.

(although for japan they seem to be crazy over the monster hunter games. I guess you could consider that there flagship but state side it hasn't had the same appeal and there isn't anything that can match the DS flagship pokemon)

Pokemon was the sole reason I bought a DS and its probably the sole reason I haven't sold it. I think Final fantasy Tactics comes pretty close for me though (even though I have the PS1 version).

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