Why is Alex Kidd in Miracle World so revered?

Games Asylum: "A remaster of SEGA’s Alex Kidd in Miracle World is imminent. If you’re wondering why this 2D platformer, dating back to 1986, is being plucked from gaming’s depths and being given a digital dust off – even gaining a collector’s edition with a bunch of goodies – then chances are you aren’t too familiar with the debut of SEGA’s pre-Sonic mascot."

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ZeekQuattro92d ago

No idea. Even as a kid I would much rather play Sonic or Mario games over Alex Kidd and I played anything back then and usually liked it. Not a Sega IP that I'm fond of. Now Kid Chameleon I like. Lol

-Hermit-92d ago

The game was built into the Master System, so that probably helped a lot. I really liked it, the final level was horrible at the time though. I think I only completed the game once or twice as a kid.

navi8791d ago

ha, yeah I had it built into my master system too but I never got too far into it. I was only like 5 years old at the time. I think it was my mum who discovered the game was built in after reading the manual at some point regarding something....that was like half a year after we got the system lmao

adamwparker91d ago

Wasn't built in mine. I had some dumb snail maze game instead. :(

Rebel_Scum91d ago

Alex Kidd in Shinobu World was pretty good. You ever play that?

ZeekQuattro91d ago

I played Enchantrd Castle and this.

CosmicTurtle91d ago

Alex Kidd is alright, it was released almost half a decade before Sonic so that is a tough comparison. Super Mario Bros predates it, it’s easily the superior game, but it was also the high watermark for platform games. If you played Alex Kidd early your reference point would be things like Wonder Boy (which I prefer) or Pac-Land.

Alex Kidd was initially designed as a Dragon Ball game. So the mascot readjustment happened later.

Rebel_Scum91d ago

Its a great game with some cool secrets/bugs in it.

Also the levels had great variety. I think thats why it stands out amongst the platformers of its time. Great music too.

Fntastic91d ago

I thought it was a decent game for the time. The remake/remaster is probably more tight with the controls and will be better for it.