5 Games You Need to Play From Xbox Game Pass This June

The Xbox Game Pass is 2021’s real deal. A relatively affordable subscription-based gaming service, that gives us a day 1 release and has a massive collection including the games from EA and Bethesda.

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dsammy04594d ago (Edited 594d ago )

It’s literally games added every month sometimes weeks on this service. For this list to have games that have been available on this service since it’s creation like Halo MCC and Forza which came out in 2018 is kinda lame and uninspiring. You should focus on games that don’t get the shine or even newly added like “Yakuza Like A dragon” I think you would do much better. Even Outer Worlds and Doom Eternal have been available for 6 months plus.

I mean the titles says “Games You Need to Play From Xbox Game Pass This June” so not trying to troll the authors or whoever suggested this but their is literally a section that says recently added in the Gamepass section they could pick from to create this list. I think Knockout city should definitely be one of them.

elfintman594d ago

I understand. That just wasn't the angle this article was taken. I'm the editor-in-chief of Gamezo so I'll talk to the writers about a list of underrated games or something along those lines.

594d ago
dsammy04593d ago

Wow well thanks for your response @elfintman but Yes pretty much what @Knightedhollow said the title mentioning June throws it off, especially for people who have owned Gamepass prior. We kind of know all Microsoft exclusives will be good to play on the service, but what about the games that's only available in the library for a limited time that might slip under the radar.

Maybe if the title for the list was geared towards the new people who recently got into Xbox or subscribed to Gamepass after this recent E3 showing it would be great suggestions. Then the title should say "Welcome to Gamepass 5 Games You Need to Play From Xbox Game Pass This June"

Or another title could be geared to the fact that 3 of those games have announced sequels(Halo, Forza, Outer Worlds) two of which are coming out this year. So urging people to jump back in this June.

Either way keep it up. I love the engagement and look forward to future suggestions.

Highrevz593d ago

Fair play for engaging with the community and taking opinions.

Doom Eternal is actually getting a free next generation update on June 29th, I was surprised to not see that mentioned as it would be more fitting for a June recommendation.

I agree with dsammy04, there’s a lot of hidden Gems on Gamepass that are easily overlooked, most people are aware of the obvious ones. Personally I’d love to hear about the lesser known and newly released titles.