List of all mini-games in Mario Party: Superstars thus far

A new list confirms over 50 mini-games for Mario Party: Superstars between Mario Party 1 and Mario Party 10.

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northpaws125d ago

I wish they just release these games as an add-on to the last Mario party game, and at a much lower price than full retail

northpaws125d ago

And honestly, I would rather they put these kind of effort on remaking games that people actually care, such as Mario 64 or Zelda OoT... I am.not sure if there were any fans actually thought "I wish they can repackage/remake all these mini games and sell me at full price"

Vits125d ago

Mario Party fans myself included are very close to Paper Mario fans. Yes, Nintendo do make new games every once in a while. But they are never exactly what we want as in they tend to deviate from the original titles too much.

So this game is actually a very nice surprise. As they appear to be going for exactly what many of us has been asking for a decade at this point. And to be honest the last thing that I want is for them to remake Mario 64 or Zelda OoT. Those games just need to be made available in modern platforms as they still hold up pretty well. And I don't see a remaking making them any better if anything there is a big chance of them messing up as they did with MM 3D.

northpaws125d ago

By remake, I mean improved graphic, gameplay wise these games still hold up.

roadkillers125d ago

If your not willing to put money down on, then gaming is not a good hobby for you. Gaming has always been expensive and if you want the best, it's going to cost you more than one way (time, health, money, etc.)

CDbiggen125d ago

lol you always get someone with this kind of stupid response. I have a load of disposable income and I still love getting a good deal.

northpaws125d ago

I have a PS5, a switch and more games than I can finish, so if I don't want to pay for a game at full price that is just a collection old mini games, then gaming is not for me? I paid full price day one for Botw, Mario Odyssey, zero regret, excellent games. I swear Nintendo defenders are the most diehard fans I have ever seen.

roadkillers124d ago

Yeah, everyone's looking for a good deal, but gaming isn't the best hobby when worrying about money. I'm not defending Nintendo either, but they aren't n't as bad as you are making them out to be.

1. Their games have always been initially cheaper than the competition. They were not the company to raise games from $40 to $50, from $50 to $60, or now $60 to $70. That had been the competition. Also note that most of their games have sold on Cartridges, significantly more expensive than disk or digital.

2. I believe they are extremely family friendly when it comes to everything, including micro transactions. While other make you nickle and dime for everything, Nintendo generally stays away from that. This was the first generation where online was paid for and they include a huge collection of classics including free games. When you purchase non-essential extras, they tend to be in physical form (ammibos, cards, etc.). DLC has bren plentiful and free. Smash and Mario Party are recent reminders.

3. They do have a lot of gimmicks, but that is nothing new and generally fun. Duck Hunter, Hey You Pikachu, GB to N64 or Gamecube connection, Pokemon ball as controller, E Reader, and the list continues to grow.

4. Believe it or not, very few items in the gaming world appreciate. Nintendo is one of those items that appreciate. If you have bought an Nintendo item and kept it in box, 90% of the time it would have appreciated. Even opened and used items have appreciated.

Teflon02124d ago

Nahh lol. I don't want that trash game lol. I don't want those boards in my game nor that minigame list. Though some are okay. I definitely want these separated and while normally I'm not okay with the prices. This is one I'm okay with personally.

CDbiggen125d ago

I've learnt my lesson after getting Super MP. Four boards. I assumed (wrongly - yes my fault, I know this) they would add more. And they weren't great either; we were bored of them in no time.

This looks more promising though, but gonna wait and see for sure this time.

Brueske124d ago

This is looking great so far, hopefully they actually support this one and add more content. Being able to set the game up just how you would like it would be nice again also. These games used to be so competitive and strategic, heres to hoping for a return to form!

CDbiggen124d ago

100% agree. More choice makes for the best MP games.