Kena Bridge of Spirits Receives 8 Minutes of Unedited New Gameplay

A new 8-minute long Kena Bridge of Spirits gameplay video has surfaced online ahead of the game's launch this August.

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Rimeskeem41d ago

Glad to see Insomniac is gonna have competition in the pixar animation esc department.

Jin_Sakai41d ago

It’s a beautiful game. Hopefully it runs a 60fps on PS5.

Rimeskeem41d ago

I can only assume there will be a performance mode.

bouzebbal41d ago

Heard it's short, but getting it regardless

Jin_Sakai41d ago

“Heard it's short, but getting it regardless”

It’s also $40 which is great,

Teflon0241d ago

Pretty sure it's running 60 in that video but seems to have a few skipped frames. I'd have to look again. Could just be my phone making it look smoother than it is

nveenio41d ago

Visually speaking, this is one of my most anticipated games. I do think, however, that the animation blending could use some more polish. But I've just come off beating Rift Apart, which has such wonderful blending with classic use of stretch and squash that it may have spoiled me.

Jin_Sakai41d ago

“Pretty sure it's running 60 in that video but seems to have a few skipped frames. I'd have to look again. Could just be my phone making it look smoother than it is“

That’s because it’s 4K 60fps PC footage. Says it right in the title.

dbcoops41d ago

Hopefully its a great game regardless of frame rate or resolution.

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outsider162441d ago

Man..i would love for Jak and Sly Cooper getting the Pixar Animation quality...:-(

Rimeskeem41d ago

Hey man, maybe Sony will acquire Bluepoint and have them remake all the classics!

Rancegamerx41d ago

Yes please! While I was playing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart all I could think was, "I wish they would do this with Jak and Daxter" maybe even let Insomniac have a try at making it.

DarXyde41d ago

It looks great, though I'm not sold on the character animations. A very small concern, but worth mentioning.

That is clearly not the focus of the game at all but as I've said, worth mentioning.

Vizigoth0441d ago

Right, not a deal breaker but I felt the jogging animation was rigid and tunnel vision like a Soldier. But the swimming animation seamed natural. Other than that it looks like a cool puzzle adventure.

MADGameR41d ago

If you are talking about Rachet & Clank Rift Apart sorry but Kena cannot compete. You don't see worlds instantly loading like R&C

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JimmyDM9041d ago

The gameplay looks pretty stiff. I’m worried this might be an all style no substance game.

Palitera41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

After the reveal trailer, the more they show, the more “only good” it seems.
If the game is not great, I hope they make better design choices next, because visual quality they surely nail.

slowgamer40d ago

Yeah, hate to say it but it does look a bit boring. Hopefully there's more action and not just basically linear walking finding those cute little things and simple puzzles and couple of jumps.

Pyrofire9540d ago

I was worried about it too. The studios history is in animation not games so I'm sure they have lots to learn in that regard but I hope they find enough success to continue with another game. And with how much press and only $40 I'm confident it will sell well, I just hope peoples expectations don't backlash.

solideagle41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

oh my god, it has an elevator. I thought we would never see elevators because of PS5 speed but I am glad we can have few games with elevators :)
This game slightly reminds me about Okami, how you can restore vegetation etc.

SullysCigar41d ago

An elevator??

Xbox port confirmed! /S

solideagle41d ago

hehehe it could be part of Halo universe /s

Chevalier41d ago

Well Halo Infinite had that elevator ride too. I guess that's the connection! Lol

badz14941d ago


with Craig as exclusive NPC

RaiderNation41d ago

This is also a cross-gen game. It's coming to PS4 as well. This is not a designed from the ground up next gen game.

Vizigoth0440d ago

Yeah, in fact this started out as a PS4 only game. Sony asked these guys to make it for PS5 as well.

sourOG41d ago

Looks really good. Little shit like the jiggle on the bow after a shot makes a big difference.

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