Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Devs Wanted Everything Available from Start

Eidos Montreal Senior Narrative Director Mary DeMarle explains the reason for no microtransactions and DLC for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

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NeoGamer23237d ago

I am not sure that would've made the game any more desirable to buy. I skipped this one, and I have absolutely no regrets. Will pick it up when it is on sale as a complete version of the game.

Terry_B37d ago

Umm..maybe read the article or even the newspost here on N4G again. You made a small mistake bro ;)

Double_O_Revan37d ago

Uh, do you think this article is about the Avengers game? If so, you may want to read it again. Or even read at all.

spwittbold37d ago

NeoGamer232, must be hard having an IQ of 7 huh.

Andrew33637d ago

Tell me you didn't read the article without telling me you didn't read the article.

Exvalos37d ago

Are you under the impression this game is Dlc for Marvels Avengers?

Yui_Suzumiya36d ago

Been doing too many whippits lately? 😅

archibold35d ago

Literally if you just replaced 'I skipped this one' with 'I'll skip this one', you wouldn't have every dunce MCU fan commenting on how wrong you are.

This game is trash, just like the low quality movies that are pumped out every year.

NeoGamer23235d ago

Ya, I was thinking about Avengers when I wrote the comment. Anyhow. My stupidity.

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TheSinsibleOne37d ago

This looks great. Never thought I'd be excited about GOTG game. Optional dialogue, Funny quips, Decision making, power wheel like Mass Effect. Even did the sliding while shooting thing that Peter does. I'm looking forward to it

Double_O_Revan37d ago

I'm excited for this game. It looks fun. The voice acting seems a little iffy from the videos, but I'll still see how it pans out.

spwittbold37d ago

Avenger's 2020 was such failure in terms of what it could have been.

Fuck you Square Enix.

Retroman37d ago

They should have had Chris Pratt facial features and why is Gamora white in the game, black in the movies???

Bobertt37d ago

They didn't use any of the actors from the movies because it would cost a lot more to pay all of them. For Gamora i assume you mean why is the outfit white. The game seems to be more inspired by the comics and not the movies and in one of the comics she has a similar outfit shown here. It could also be because they want you to unlock or buy the more familiar outfits.

Viking_mo37d ago

Yeah it was confirmed this game is based on the comics and look wise too

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