Final Fantasy Hasn't Been Great in 15 Years…

Final Fantasy is one of the cornerstones of my gaming life. I've played pretty much all of the games with the exception of a few spin-offs, but it only hit me today that most of them have been pretty s***.

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gamingtext202039d ago

FF 7 remake is excellent, FF 14 & FF 15 are great as well.

Not sure what this author is taking about.

Snookies1239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Agreed, FF VII Remake and FF XIV are incredible. XV while it does deserve some of the flak it got, is still a great game as well overall. Whoever wrote this is really reaching...

bouzebbal38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I agree the main episodes have been way below what we got used to until FF12. Went downhill since 13.. but it’s actually 13 Ana all its spin-offs and 15 that suck.

Ff7r is amazing, which is promising for the future of the series

CS738d ago

He admits he never played FF7R because he is “waiting on the full version” 😂

He is waiting until “He is able to fight Sephiroth”

This article is a joke

Army_of_Darkness38d ago

If you remove FF7R from the equation (since its based off an older FF game), I would have to agree with the author somewhat. The last great Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy X.

Sonic-and-Crash38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

FF7 Remake was not great ...was mediocre at least ......the environments , the atmosphere , the visual details were all gone from original Pre rendered art ....also had huge sound desing problems with music , dialogue and effect overlapping eachother....... the last part (after bike chase) with the destroyed Midgar inside Cloud mind was completely off and ridiculous ...probably the worst part of the whole FF7 R ...fidhting red and blue knights and other staff

as for the other FF yes i also agree didnt manage to release a proper good FF since FF12 (was the last good FF)

PapaBop38d ago

Yeah the writer clearly never played XIV, my favourite FF game since FF8. I can understand why people would overlook it but the story and character development are some of the best in the series and even as an MMORPG, it has all the content you'd expect from the genre.

Snookies1236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@PapaBop - FF XIV is incredible! Only a few games in my lifetime have gotten me to cry. FF XIV managed to hit me hard in Heavensward. Had to step away mid-cutscene and come back after Ishgard's "The Vault". Realm Reborn was a bit of a slog to get through at times but damn is it paying off big time investing into the story and characters.

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lelo2play39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

People throw around the word great like it's perfectly normal. When you claim something is great, it's supposed to be among the best of the best.
Haven't played FF7remake, but I have played FF15. It might be a decent game, but claiming FF15 as great is a bit of a stretch.

Most games only have two words to describe games... They are crap or they are great. There is nothing in between...

TricksterArrow39d ago

Or maybe they just think it’s great.

RedDevils38d ago

FF7 remake is good, ff15 is shit.

eTeknix39d ago

I never said it wasn't excellent, but it's incomplete and locked to a single platform and will likely be years still before it's done...

Lore38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

What do platforms have anything to do with? And incomplete? Sure there could have been more side content but the main path is about 30+ hours of top notch story, combat and excellent character/RPG progression. If you’re referring to the fact that it didn’t tell the entire story of the original final fantasy vii, then are you telling me you wanted them to release a single game worth over 150+ hours of story content (not including side content/100% completion)? That is the trajectory we are headed towards if they continue to flesh out the series into 3-4 titles so that we can receive a more intimate and fleshed out retelling.

eTeknix38d ago

" then are you telling me you wanted them to release a single game worth over 150+ hours of story content" yup, that's exactly what I'm telling you. It's not like it's never been done before. I like don't know... the original.

QuarkZ38d ago

" It's not like it's never been done before. I like don't know... the original. "

You clearly don't know what you're talking about. The OG sure doesn't have 150 hrs of story content, and are you seriously comparing the 2 games in terms of scope and technical level?
Also, the OG was for Playstation only, what are you even babbling about, being locked down to a single platform? It's likely it'll come out on PC anyway eventually.

Your comment tells me everything i need to know as to whether I should bother reading that "opinion" article or not.

CS738d ago

If you think FF7 could be recreated in its entirety in one release with the quality of visuals of the remake you are insane.

You have no right writing about games if you are so delusional.

There is no game of that scale currently.

Additionally, if you played remake you would know that the game is a sequel to original FF7 and the following releases would be telling a different story. We've also fought Sephiroth already in FF7R in an epic AC-style sword fight. Your article is an embarrassment. I recommend you delete it and go play FF7R.

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neutralgamer199239d ago

In my opinion FF15 isn't great especially the gameplay combat wise is so simple. Haven't played FF7 remake will do so on ps5 down the road but from what I have seen it's a big improvement over FF15 combat

Michiel198938d ago

yes mainly the combat (which for me is a huge deal) was very lackluster. The story and how it was told, I also wasnt a big fan of. the movie and maybe also the anime should have been in the game and not seperate from it, it just felt like an incomplete game to me. Im glad the visuals and the music were excellent, thats the reason why i managed to finish the game. And I do have to give props to the ending of 15 though, that was quite well done how it blended into the logo.

-Foxtrot39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


Meh. I don’t know

It’s a fun game to play but after wanting a remake for years this isn’t what I wanted. I just wanted a straight up remake, not a reimagining where they made an entire shitty plot about the “whispers of fate” about how they were changing things, that was some straight up Kingdom Hearts crap writing wise

It was better than 15 and 13 so that was a good start

FF15 was just unfinished and lacklustre

CS738d ago

Fox, they clearly wanted to create a sequel. The creators wanted to tell a new story and you need to be fair to them.

These are literally the writers of the original FF7 story (Nojima + Numora).

I think the route of remake with new twists is genius and although I didn't like it at first, I love the feeling of not know what comes next in the FF7 universe.

I'm here for PT2 especially with the ending of Intermission! The possibilities are endless.

With remake they basically announced FF7-2 with a Sephiroth so powerful that death and time itself cannot stop him. It's going to be wild if they succeed! I'm hopeful that they will.

-Foxtrot38d ago

"Fox, they clearly wanted to create a sequel"

Then create a're telling me if they ignored Advent Children, they couldn't think of anything for a sequel? Even if they had new characters and went off the 500 years later bit of the first game.

Even if they just came out and rightly said "This is a reimagining" and they instead put Zac as the main character not Cloud, I'd have liked that

But to use a silly Whispers of Fate plot and use the entire first game just to say "yeah it's a reimagined timeline" was silly. They could have just said so during development and they wouldn't have had to do that.

Godmars29038d ago

That SE has had a string of massive projects that in turn had massive issues is the issue. 14, as originally launched, was relaunched at over twice production costs which effected 15, which was FF13 vs around the time. Then there was 15 itself, which needed years of post launch updates to be considered a passable game. Was example of FF13, itself a broken mess not fixed by two sequels. Not that such an opinion is shared.

eTeknix38d ago

I'd completely forgotten about the Final Fantasy Versus XIII rehash actually

tombfan38d ago

15th isn't... At all... But the other games are amazing

loveallsystems38d ago

The spinoffs kind of dilute the great titles you mention...

Kados38d ago

He isn't counting remakes or MMOs, and XV was junk. XII was the last good one.

ScootaKuH38d ago

I really didn't like Remake, yet I couldn't resist Intergrade for some reason. I'll reserve judgement until I play it as I've not started it yet.

Really looking forward to FF XVI though, I like the traditional medieval setting

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HarryMasonHerpderp39d ago

I see where the guy is coming from, we had hit after hit all the way up to FF12. After that the gaps became huge between releases and we got FF13 which was awful, 2 crappy spin off games for it, FF14 which was awful until they re-did the entire game and that was an MMO, which in essence is not a proper Final Fantasy game anyway. Then we had 15 which I enjoyed for the most part but was blatantly half baked and missing content. Then we had FF7 remake which honestly I enjoyed a ton and reminded me why I love the series albeit that stupid kingdom hearts stuff Nomura stuck in it. Now we have that awful looking Chaos game.....

So yeah, it's been a bumpy ride for the series after FF12. The consistency in quality is all over the place. I want 16 to bring the Fantasy back, bring airships back and huge magical settings and a gripping storyline that feels finished and not reliant on DLC.

Time will tell but as of now the Final Fantasy golden era has been over for years now.
That's just my opinion though and I respect anyone who disagrees with me.

eTeknix39d ago

You get it! And their latest spin-offs are even more off-track than usual it seems. Shame, as the franchise used to be a real AAA standard for RPGs in general.

HarryMasonHerpderp39d ago

It used to be a huge deal when a Final Fantasy game was announced, they were always the very best in AAA gaming. The graphics, storytelling, characters and the worlds they were in were so exciting and fresh.
I remember being wowed when you first arrive in Lindblum in FFIX, this huge city with airships flying around and it was all ruled by an oglop (bug)! I used to imagine what a Final Fantasy game would look like in the future, imagining the ability to explore a place like that in Realtime instead of the pre rendered backgrounds (still beautiful to this day) unfortunately it definitely didn't turn out the way I had hoped.

JRPG's aren't what they used to be. The popular games are battle royale and live services now...sigh...
Anyway this is just turning into an old man rant XD

LordoftheCritics39d ago

Exactly my thoughts.

Nothing fresh that knocks it out of the park.

Miraak82 38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Idk gameplay and story wise XIV is top tier, to discredit it as a proper FF is messed up since 2 of the mainline entry’s are mmo , it’s not an isolated entry . It’s like saying ffx isn't a FF because it’s an action rpg and not turned based or saying ffx or ffxiii aren’t Final Fantasies because there linear and have no real world map . At this point FF can be whatever it what’s to be as it’s strayed away from your precieved notion from what a FF for over 20 years now

Kakashi Hatake38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I can agree. I didn't care for 15 though, it took me 5 years to finish it. It's never taken me that long to finish a Final Fantasy game and I've been playing since 7.

Sgt_Slaughter38d ago

Even VIII and IX weren't the best reception wise depending on who you ask, which is understandable given how amazing VII is. Also many have said only VI in the new compilation pack for mobile and PC is the only one worth revisiting.

Kaze8838d ago

Same here mostly. After FFX I have not enjoyed any of the new FF they have produced, admittingly I jumped over all the MMO's, they are not for me. Also I have not tried FF7 Remaster more than the demo, waiting it to drop on PC this year (if the rumours are true). FFXV to me felt like a half baked idea of a game with sloppy combat.

xPaYDaYx38d ago

Lol image be thinking xiv isn't a proper ff game. Xiv has one of the best if not the best stories out of all the final fantasies. It's quite unfair to even compare any other final fantasy to xiv because xiv has so much material to pull from. It's similar to the star trek vs. star wars scenario. Star trek is way better and it's not even close because it has thousands of hours of content to pull from. Xiv has the best soundtrack, best writing, best characters and everything in between simply because there is so much to it. It's a mainline numbered title for a reason. The quality hasn't dipped over the years and has only gotten better.

HarryMasonHerpderp38d ago

Never said FFXIV wasn't good I said it started off awful which is widely known. What I meant by saying it isn't a proper Final Fantasy game is that
FFI: single player JRPG
FFII: single player JRPG
FFIII: single player JRPG
FFIV: single player JRPG
FFV: single player JRPG
FFVI: single player JRPG
FFVII: single player JRPG
FFVIII: single player JRPG
FFIX: single player JRPG
FFX: single player JRPG
FFXII: single player JRPG
FFXIII: single player JRPG

Maybe what I should have said is that it is not a traditional Final Fantasy. Also saying the characters, story writing, soundtrack etc is better than any other Final Fantasy is completely subjective. My opinion on the lack of quality consistency is also subjective so chill out. We're all fans of the series in one way or another and want it to do well :) and if what you said above is true then FF16 should be amazing and we'll all be happy.

il-JumperMT37d ago

FFXIV is the most Final Fantasy out of recent releases wtf

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TheColbertinator39d ago

FFXIV is decent but the last great FF i loved was 12. Good times.

Thundercat7739d ago

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the best FF game I have payed for a long time and the Yuffie add on is so great!!!

I desagree with the article.

--Onilink--38d ago

While I definitely enjoyed it, there were still many half baked things in it, in particular the whole side quest system. The majority of them were incredibly uninspired and boring

Vx_38d ago

After 10 all single player FFs sucks! While FF7r is great but has an incomplete story which sucks too.

Thundercat7737d ago

Incomplete story? I think you have incomplete information. It was confirmed from the start that the game will release in 3 episodes.

enkiduxiv39d ago

Remake is close but I would still like to see a new Final Fantasy with the same feel as the classics. I was not a fan of 15 but I guess it was a step in the right direction. I really hope they hit their stride again with 16.