ScrippsNews: 'Left 4 Dead,' 'Chrono Trigger' and 'Undercover' Reviews

ScrippsNews writes: "First things first: If you don't have any friends, find some. I say this because while you'll have a decent time playing "Left 4 Dead" alone, you won't truly appreciate this game unless you are online or local with a group of people blasting zombies to stay alive.

It's you and three other players (either AI-controlled or through another human) trying to survive in a town wildly overrun by those of the flesh-eating variety. "Wildly overrun" probably does not do justice to the waves of zombies that spring out of buildings, hallways, rooftops and all manner of hideaways to feast on you and your cohorts."

*Please note no score was inputed, as each game had a different score.

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Im getting this for my PC