I’m not sorry Starfield is an Xbox exclusive — and Bethesda shouldn't be either

Starfield Xbox Series X|S exclusivity is a good thing.

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isarai43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I'm not either, at least not yet, and i don't own a series x/s. I mean so far all we've seen is a fairly uninspired trailer of "in-engine" footage, which i'm not impressed by after Fallout 76's "in-engine" footage with "17 times the detail". Bethesda hasn't developed anything i really loved since Oblivion and Fallout 3, ever since then things have gotten increasingly buggy and shallow. If it really turns out great i'll grab it on PC, but Skyrim was the last "worth it" Bethesda developed game i purchased, so i don't see that happening without a surprising turnaround.

Sonic-and-Crash43d ago

as mainly a PS player ...i like the descision Xbox at last decided to step up the game.

competition is good and pressures companies to not stay dull....PS1 and PS3 games/years were some of my best games and best memories bcause Sony was trying with top games to compete in the market

VenomUK42d ago

Exclusives are a part of the industry and they help distinguish a platform.

But funny isn't it the amount of articles and video content last year about the Spider-Man skin being exclusive to the PS4 version of Avengers being 'anti-consumer,' yet nothing said about a game that was originally intended to be multiplatform!

There's nothing wrong with exclusives, but if you're going to criticise them at least be consistent with your views and don't simply agree or disagree based on preferred console brand.

MrDead42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

"competition is good and pressures companies to not stay dull" So what's been stopping MS in making games like every other platform?

I would of thought one on the richest companies on the planet would be running away with exclusives as the amount of investment they can pump into the xbox platform is way higher than any of their competitors... but instead of using the vast sums of cash they have to make new games they use it to take games away from other systems.

InUrFoxHole42d ago

I cant stand this whole narrative gamers use... it helps to distinguish a platform. I strongly disagree. The games should be playable on all capable consoles and the console features should set it apart. That seems like such a company mind set. I don't care that pc players can play halo. I still play halo on xbox.

PertySlick42d ago

@VenomUK I disagree. Hardware, capabilities, services, and quality of experience sets a platform apart. Exclusives are a way of forcing gamers to overlook shortcomings in one or more of those areas in order to play a particular game.

VenomUK42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

@PertySlick. Hi. I do get what your saying! Many people have a strong preference for the features of one particular platform, ie, maybe somebody likes the Achievements tracking on Xbox or prefers the Share Play and game streaming features on PlayStation. But ultimately, I think for many the most important factor is the games. If you look at the Nintendo Switch by comparison to the PS4 and Xbox One it is a less powerful console and the network features are limited, although its portability is a unique platform feature. But what it does have is some stand out exclusive games that people want to play. Animal Crossing New Horizons, Zelda Breath of the Wild and more. Is it anti-consumer for Nintendo not to port its games to other platforms? Is it anti-consumer for McDonald's not to allow Burger King to sell its burgers? Market realities in most businesses is that companies want to have a unique product and exclusive games which can help help draw the customer in.

PertySlick42d ago

@VenomUK I didn't say having exclusives is anti-consumer. I just don't understand the insistence of some, especially on this site, that exclusives is all that defines a platform. Games made by the platform, for the platform being exclusive is not anti-consumer. Widely popular and publicly accessible IP, like Spiderman, that are made into exclusives for the sake of money are. Games purchased to be made exclusive after intending to be multiplat, like Starfield, are. Both are bad moves to shoehorn people into playing a particular system. It will just evolve into a tit-for-tat battle that really just results in a lot of gamers missing out many experiences.

jznrpg42d ago

They didn’t step up their game they bought some more game . Stepping up their game would be making your own games that don’t exist elsewherewith studios you already have . They didn’t need to buy so many studios if they could make good games with the studios they have and expand those studios to make new good games . They aren’t good at making games so they keep buying studios who made games already for their platform and others . Their studios don’t come up with good original ideas it’s just a fact . They always buy ideas from others and milk them .

Sitdown42d ago

You literally said Microsoft's deep pockets should have them running away with exclusives, but have a problem with them using their money to take away games from other companies, so that they can try and run away with exclusives. Sounds like you just want to have a problem with Microsoft.

Army_of_Darkness42d ago

I'm happy Xbox is getting more exclusives! Give Sony some competition for once!

dcbronco42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Mr Dead are you serious making that comment as if Sony hasn't bought a lot of developers? People say things as if they're oblivious. Or if they're oblivious be more careful with your comments.

Sony has bought 14 developers in their history. Don't always listen to executives about a subject without doing your own research if you don't already know. They'll often treat you like an idiot if you live your life like an idiot. That's how the majority of them became rich.

Suprise! They're not all as smart as Elon Musk. Many are pretty dumb. Most are simply Bobby Kotick.

mkis00742d ago


tell us how many devs were bought before working on even a single game exclusively for their platform? PlayStation has had a huge hand in the careers of the devs they have bought.

When was the last time Bethesda's even worked with xbox to create a game?

Yui_Suzumiya42d ago

PS3 is my favorite console and I started with the NES in 1990. Best memories are PS3 for sure.

dcbronco37d ago

Mkis, that's a weak excuse but I'll take a shot at it. Oblivion on Xbox 360. Before that Morrowind in 2002. So Microsoft has just as long an exclusive history with Bethesda. Oblivion was a timed exclusive. Cut it with the excuses. Sony has bought more than they've built.

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Notellin42d ago

Ok cool story. Everyone knows you're going to buy it when it comes out.

got_dam42d ago

Taking 3rd party games from other players.... I'm sorry... I just don't even. All bethesda games are now first party. It's that simple. I don't give a shit about bethesda, xbox, or Sony. Just saying Microsoft bought bethesda for a shit load of money and they became first party studios. I am honestly surprised the exclusive move came so quickly, though. I really expected Microsoft to let bethesda publish some of these already announced games on their originally planned platforms to recoup most of that 7 billion with little effort and then go exclusive from there.

41d ago
DJStotty41d ago


"All bethesda games are now first party."

Because they are owned by Microsoft.

"Taking 3rd party games from other players"

What lol? They did not "take" anything from anyone, they simply made one of their 1st party new IP's, exclusive.

Sony players have not lost anything, they never had it to begin with.

"I don't give a shit about bethesda, xbox, or Sony."

You clearly do.

Your making out like Microsoft is the bad guy here by "taking" games off Playstation, that is incorrect, you still get Deathloop, and what is the other one? Ghostwire Tokyo, did they "take" them as well?

"I really expected Microsoft to let bethesda publish some of these already announced games on their originally planned platforms"

They have to, it is called a contractual obligation, for them to make Starfield an exclusive, there was obviously no current deal in place to bring it to the Playstation platform, the reason why they even stated, any deals currently in place, have to be honoured.

lelo2play42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The last I heard, all PS5 gamers have gaming PC's... I don't see a reason for all this fuss about the Bethesda acquisition.
PS5 gamers can play those games on their PC's.

JackBNimble42d ago

And soon they'll get to play even "more" playstation exclusives on pc ... imagine that . 😆

badz14942d ago

Knowing Bethesda, you would probably be able to run Starfield pretty easily without the need for a highend pc

42d ago
JustTheFax42d ago

@arsenethief by your logic, isn't sony keeping 3rd party games from other consoles when they bought insomniac? After all, they had sunset overdrive on xbox. Couldn't you say sony kept ratchet and clank off xbox? Yes.

42d ago
dbcoops42d ago

I don't see a reason for all this fuss over the fact that many PS5 gamers do indeed have gaming PC's.

RosweeSon42d ago

Don’t believe everything you hear 😑🤣

DarthMarvin42d ago

@badz149 Knowing Bethesda, it will still run like shyte even on a 3090 AND be completely unplayable due to gamebreaking bugs that they'll never fix.

Vx_42d ago

Yes, may play this on my PC if it's any good, will run better than the Xbox for sure.

stefd7542d ago

We don't all have gaming PCs

DJStotty41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


"the difference is that sony also has their own studios with third party studios."

That makes no sense, if it is their own studio, then it is 1st party.

"microsoft is betting the farm on third party."

All Bethesda games are 1st party, not 3rd party.

Just sounds like a lot of angry kids that have had their candy taken away, get over it, platform holders buy studios all the time, it is called business, no one is "keeping" anything off another platform. Are they "keeping" Halo off Playstation? Is Playstation "keeping" Horizon off Xbox?

"there's no fuss from me because i don't really care."

People that have to try and convince themselves they do not care, usually do.

"if you're this ignorant to think sony just started acquiring studios left and right without building most of them from the ground up, then i can't help you."

Lol, time for a fact check :-

Guerilla games - purchased 2005
Insomniac - purchased 2019
Sucker Punch - purchased 2011
Naughty Dog - purchased 2001
Media Molecule - purchased 2010
Sony Cambridge - purchased 1997
Evolution studios - purchased 2007

So all the best games launched, are from studios Sony paid to "keep" off other platforms right? But they built most of these from the ground up? absolute nonsense.

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ReadyPlayer2242d ago

Sure arsenthief, Sony has a racing game anywhere near the level of Forza Horizon right?

42d ago
ReadyPlayer2242d ago

Gran Turismo hasn't been relevant all last gen with one 70 meta score game. You said Microsoft couldn't create game on their own, they buy them. Well their racing studios are untouched in the last 5 years. Especially Playground Games.

42d ago
ReadyPlayer2242d ago

Lmao, you tell ME to back down. Your quote "the difference is that sony also has their own studios with third party studios. microsoft is betting the farm on third party.

where's their spiderman? where's their horizon?"

Where am I cherry picking my argument? I took your argument and blew it up in your face. Now you're side stepping it. Lmao, walk away boy

ReadyPlayer2242d ago

Hell, you're swearing up and down this comment section that Sony creates their own studios as if they didn't buy Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and etc.

Say what you want about "they worked together before" it doesn't matter in the world of business, what matters is acquisition to make sure their talent doesn't go elsewhere. Microsoft just has a bigger checkbook than anyone

42d ago
DOMination-42d ago

There's a lot of misconceptions about studios. Let me clear some of this up.

"and if microsoft's pockets are so very, very deep, then why can't they work on their own studios?"

In the last decade, Microsoft have created 343i, The Coalition and The Initiative.

"okay, but you're conveniently ignoring studios sony also built from scratch."

Name them. We will all wait whilst you research back into the PS2 days at least to find something.

Not a quote but I've seen this being said elsewhere - "Sony works with developers first such asInsomniac/Sucker Punch and builds up a relationship before buying them"

Microsoft also did that with Playground and Undead Labs.

"tell us how many devs were bought before working on even a single game exclusively for their platform?"

Literally their last acquisition - Insomniac made a game that was exclusive on Xbox One. Now thanks to Sony, people who only own an Xbox will never get to play the sequel. I'm sure N4G will find a way to spin that as well though.

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blackblades42d ago

As of me I can careless I havent played any of there games but wolfenstein and dishonored. Dishonored is the only one I care for but at the end lf they day its been years and still havent completed Ws1 and Dishonored standalone.

DJStotty41d ago

"As of me I can careless"

So you care?

MightyHealthy42d ago

Lol keep telling yourself that

isarai42d ago

I will, just like i did when i gladly passed on Fallout 4, Skyrim SE and Fallout 76.

Bobertt42d ago

Yeah besides Bethesda games are usually better on PC due to the modders fixing most of the bugs Bethesda won't and you get better regular mods compared to consoles.

jcfalcone42d ago

Same here, I'll get it on PC if it never goes to PS

iplay1up242d ago (Edited 42d ago )

So Doom, and Doom Eternal were just so so? Both were fantastic! Keep telling yourself what you have to though. Dishonored 1 and 2. Yeah, just so so. 🤣😂 Starfield is their most ambitious game yet. Get it on PC if you want, but it is a Microsoft IP now. Elder Scrolls 6 too.

isarai42d ago

Bethesda didn't develop Doom/ doom eternal, they published it, and while i understand Dishonored 1/2 are great games, i personally couldn't get into them, but again, Bethesda didn't develop dishonored either. And like i said, if the game turns out great i'll get it on PC cause i already have it, why would i pay $500 to play a game when i can just get it on a platform i already have? Also we dont know if ES6 will be exclusive as they already stated exclusivity will be a case by case basis.

Yui_Suzumiya42d ago

I enjoyed Fallout 4. Sure, it wasn't as good as 3 or Obsidian's New Vegas but it was still good.

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43d ago Replies(10)
SullysCigar43d ago

"Starfield Xbox Series X|S exclusivity is a good thing."

...It's not exclusive though. It's also on PC.

Orchard43d ago

Not exclusive to Series X, but is exclusive to Xbox. Xbox is an ecosystem.

IamFrasierCrane42d ago

PC is not an Xbox. Microsoft exclusive is what you’re looking for.

Thundercat7742d ago

I think this is just a vague excuse to not face the truth that Xbox has no exclusives. Do we call games that are on Playstation and PC only "Playstation exclusives" ? Or do we call them "Playstation ecosystem" exclusives? Nope.

badz14942d ago

Xbox is a console. You can't call the xbox app on PC a platform. It's an app. Plus you don't even need to use the App to play these games and like the other "xbox exclusives" on PC before them, they most probably will be on Steam and EGS so where's xbox in that?

Activision42d ago


The Name Xbox is from DirectX. DirectX is Xbox. Orchard is right.

-T9X-69-42d ago


Actually, it depends how MS decides to distribute it. If it is only available through Gamepass or the Windows Store, you need Xbox accounts for both of those in order to purchase and play. Therefor, you'd be playing on Xbox, just not an Xbox console. If it releases on Steam day 1, then yes. It would be a Microsoft exclusive.

42d ago
bleedsoe9mm42d ago

They shouldn't say coming to PC they should say coming to MS Windows, unless there is a Linux version

JustTheFax42d ago

@Thundercat77, So Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn aren't Playstation Exclusives? Good to know.

Orchard42d ago

It’s simple. If you’re logging into Xbox live, you are in the Xbox ecosystem. Microsoft counts XBL MAU.

@Thundercat I still consider PS games on PC to be PlayStation ecosystem exclusives as long as you’re signing into PS services or giving money to Sony.

DiRtY42d ago

I’ll doubt you can run this on Mac though.

It releases on Microsoft platforms only (Xbox and Windows). That’s it.

DJStotty40d ago

"they most probably will be on Steam and EGS so where's xbox in that?"

Xbox Live

(drops the mic again and walks out)

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King_Noctis42d ago

I feel like “Microsoft Exclusive” is a better term to use.

Z50142d ago

Not really.
MLB The Show is a "Sony Exclusive" that's still on Xbox. See how the term is basically meaningless?
Why don't we call Valve games "Valve exclusives"?

King_Noctis42d ago

So Gamepass exclusive then? Because Microsoft’s game are only released on their two platforms: PC and Xbox, and all of those games are on Gamepass.

SullysCigar42d ago

A better term is "multi-platform", since that would be accurate. It doesn't imply ALL platforms, nor does it imply exclusivity, just that it's on multiple platforms, which it is.

King_Noctis42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

“ A better term is "multi-platform", since that would be accurate.”

You’re right, but Windows is also owned by MS just like Xbox. So no matter which way you look at it, the only way to play MS’s game is to buy into their ecosystem.

Brazz42d ago

The correct term is, "not on playstation or Nintendo"... but it's ugly and a hard sell...

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brewin42d ago

I don't know how many times people have to say it PC is Xbox. So it is exclusive to Xbox. You play on PC you're just playing on Xbox. Maybe not the series console but it's still an Xbox

Shadowsteal42d ago

No. You can't just change the definition of "Xbox" just because it's convenient.

PapaBop42d ago

PC isn't Xbox. King Noctis is right, it should be considered Microsoft exclusive.

IamFrasierCrane42d ago

Lmao, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on here.

Longadog42d ago one can be this dumb. its just not right.

ThePacemaker42d ago

The dumbest comment I have ever read on N4G

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Atom66642d ago

Maybe it's time to just let it go...

SullysCigar42d ago

Lol, let what go, 'accuracy'? It's on multiple platforms, so it's a multi-platform game.

So far it's confirmed you can play on PC, Series X or Series S. Take your pick --> ⛏

Zeref42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I thought we've been over this lol

Xbox exclusive means exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem.

Which includes PC.

All Xbox games are console exclusive to the Series XS.