Top 10 Best Games of E3 2021

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "From small indie games, long-forgotten franchises, and AAA blockbusters – E3 2021 had it all and these are the top 10 best games of the show."

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badboyz0944d ago


How do I say goodbye yesterday

KillBill44d ago

How did Metroid Dread earn the #2 spot? Really???

metabolicfrolic43d ago

Because for many, many, many fans of Metroid it was the reveal of the entire show.

zacfoldor43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Easily the biggest surprise of the show, and what can I tell you, most people like Metroidvanias like SotN and Hollow Knight. The genre is named after the games, and I haven't seen Nintendo's take in a while, so I'm honest excited about it, which is more than I can ever say about way more than half the crap that comes out.

I wonder what beat it? I'd say the only games that beat it were Elden Ring, BotW2, and Starfield announcement.

medman43d ago

Ummmm....where is Stalker 2???

Platinum_k43d ago

watta poor list of games. Elden Ring for me