Game Hacks: Holiday Guide 2008

Game Hacks writes: "So, you're thinking about giving a video game or two as gifts this holiday season. Nice. Very nice. But there are tons of games to choose from, and picking the right ones can be a challenge. Before you head out to the store or place your order, check out this guide to what we think are the best new titles of this year and, if you're new to the world of video games, review some tips before you buy. First, it is especially important to find out what system or systems the gamer on your list has. No game works with any old console. Sony makes the Playstation 2 and PS3 consoles and the PSP handheld system. Nintendo makes the Wii and the handheld DS. And Microsoft makes the XBox 360. The games made for these systems are clearly marked on each game package. Also, when you've got a game in your hands, make sure to check out its ESRB rating. You should be able to quickly identify why a game has received its rating. Trust us, there's a reason games are rated "M" for Mature, and it has nothing to do with maturity. If you aren't able to find out, include a gift receipt or buy a gift card. Games prices vary by system, and newer titles are usually more expensive. Titles for handhelds and older games will cost you about $30, and newer games for the consoles get up to $60."

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