The Pokemon UNITE Cinematic Trailer is Absolutely Stunning

If you weren't already looking forward to Pokemon UNITE, you probably will be after you see this action-packed trailer. Go, Pikachu, go!

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Inverno43d ago

No matter how "stunning" a CG trailer may be it still doesn't change the fact that it's a boring MOBA cashgrab for Asian gamers made by a shady company

Applejack43d ago

Pretty much this. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at when it transitioned to gameplay. I wanted to laugh but was too upset to do so. It’s the same BS that a lot of these turn based games try to pull. Amazing cinematic reveals with boring gameplay.

DarthMarvin43d ago

Looks like hot garbage. What about this is appealing, exactly? O_o

rockwhynot43d ago

Very creative! Great work Nintendo.