Sony Registers New Trademark for “PSX” (PlayStation Experience)

Could a new PlayStation Experience event be on the way soon? Sony has regsistered a new trademark for "PSX."

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Antnee534526d ago

I would like it if they did 4 quarterly big shows a year well 3 of the shows being state of plays while the last one being the psx conference. Still keep small state of plays to be an add for upcoming first party games like they have done.

Rimeskeem526d ago

I like them doing State of Plays on specific first party games and getting a deeper look at them. It would be nice to have a big conference at the end where people can play the games etc and Sony shows specific things like release dates and has tons of indie games available on the floor for exposure.

RaiderNation526d ago

I agree. I think the State of Play format works better when it focuses on one title and gives us a nice deep dive on that title. This worked so well for TLOU2, GOT, R&C:ARA, and HFW.

Have PSX twice a year I say. One in January that focuses on titles we'll be playing in the coming year and one in July that focuses on the long term "road map" games we'll be playing the following year and beyond.

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MightyHealthy525d ago

You have to admit tho, the majority of state of plays have not been good

RaidenBlack526d ago

I like this idea.
I really wish they do a July event similar to one like Future of Gaming event of June last year.

itBourne526d ago

Dang I was thinking a whole different thing from yall, was thinking more of a PAX like event or something. Went to the Playstation Experience in Vegas and it was such a blast. David Jaffe signed my PS Vita, got to interact directly with developers and provide feedback on their games (miss Killstrain), and got to chit chat with Scott Rohde like just hanging out after an event, and tons of small cool panels and other Playstation fans. Thats what I was thinking when i seen Playstation Experience.

excaliburps526d ago

I can see this maybe being something end of year? Maybe for the PSVR2? Dunno. Could (and hopefully) wrong. I just see them doing State of Plays for Horizon, and a few more. Maybe they'll try and do a PSX in December since COVID in some parts are dying down?

jukins526d ago

Thats honestly what im hoping deep dive into vr as well as tlou factions. And whats beyond god of war as far as playstation goes.

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itBourne526d ago

Dude they have 40,000 seat stadiums filled in baseball and there hasnt been this terrible rampant instance going on... I think we are alright...

-Foxtrot526d ago

If there's one of the way, then they need to bring it or set expectations low straight away if there's nothing groundbreaking planned.

After E3, they could use this well if they played their cards right.

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Darkborn526d ago

I think 10 or so PS exclusives were announced at E3, also like the amuckspider said, Sony has previously stated 25 exclusives are in development, and afterwords, hulst said there more games in addition with second and third parties.

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Darkborn526d ago

Look at the pre show with Geoff, also look at square Enix's conference.

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King_Noctis526d ago

People ask for you the list, so please tell them. I wonder as well, what are those 10 PS exclusive ?

DOMination-526d ago

There might be 25 games in development but we either know what they are or they are a long way off from being shown. I've posted this studio analysis before but I think its important for some people to see. You can work out the majority of those 25 games are.

Team Asobi - Just released a game, at least 12-24 months away from announcing a new one
Polyphony - Have already announced GT7, will release in 2022.
Insomniac - One team working on SM2 which I'd have thought was a way off yet, other team just finished/supported R&C
Naughty Dog - We know they are working on TLOU remake and possibly a space game. The latter has been talked about for nearly 10 years and although exciting, there have been no rumours that this project is close yet.
Bend - We already know they are working on a new IP but is in early stages of development, at least two years away from reveal
SIE San Diego - Just released MLB The Show.. probably working on post-game support for that and next years game
SIE Santa Monica - We know they are working on God of War and won't be out until next year at earliest. At most, might be working with an indie teams as a support studio but history so far has suggested they only work on GOW titles for in-house developments
Sucker Punch - Only a year out from GoT release.. their next game will still be two years away at least
Pixelopus - One of the few unknowns - we know they are working on an Unreal 5 game in collaboration with Sony Animation although again it appears to be early-ish in development.
Guerrilla - We already know they are working on Forbidden West, release likely early next year. May have a "second team" but that's been said for five years now with no evidence of any such output. No rumours yet pointing to an imminent announcement but can't be ruled in or out at this stage.
London Studio - They have worked exclusively on support/shovelware for the last 15 years.. speculation on my part but they are probably working on generic PSVR sports/shovelware titles etc. Rumours of a AAA game in development have been around for years but I's still wager it would be a PSVR title anyway.
Media Molecule - It took them a whole generation to release DREAMS. I'm sure their next project will be quality but lets be realistic, it's years away.
Housemarque and Bluepoint - just released games, if their next projects are PS Studios titles, they will also be some way away.

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darthv72526d ago

I could have sworn that there is something coming up in the next couple of weeks.

neutralgamer1992526d ago


i don't agree what did E3 achieve? the weeks after and the months after E3, ps5 would still sell way more than XSX. E3 hype helps when you have games coming soon after not games which show CGI/In engine trailers a without any proper gameplay/release date

Obscure_Observer526d ago (Edited 526d ago )


You better pray for Sony to show gameplay for those games or there'll be Hell to pay.

Microsoft presented more than 30 games and in-engine/CGI games for only 4 games. 3 out of 4 of those games were just announced like The Outer Worlds 2, Contraband and Redfall.

We shall see how Sony intents to counter all that with gameplay presentations. If they don't, It will be funny to see fanboys on mental gymnastics trying to spin and move the goal posts once again

neutralgamer1992526d ago


I have been a playstation gamer for a longtime and Sony knows what it's doing. Maybe you didn't notice Sony in the past 9-12 months have released

The last of us part 2
Demon souls
Spiderman MM
Ratchet and clank
MLB the show

Death loop
Tokyo ghostwire
God of war

Have been announced so whatever you want to say facts are facts. It's amazing because if this was Ms they would have delayed ghost and TLOU2 to be released alongside next generation

So you can keep thinking whatever you want

leejohnson222526d ago

Don't be like xb and lower expectations

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Thundercat77526d ago

This is the event that will shock the industry.

SullysCigar526d ago

PSVR2 blowout please! There's loads more I'd like to hear about too, but I need to know more about that, as it sounds awesome so far.

rlow1526d ago (Edited 526d ago )

That would be huge if they revealed it this year. I'm looking forward to seeing how they've upgraded the experience and what killer, must have games they have up their sleeves. If the price is right (no pun intended) it will sell like hot cakes.

Sitdown526d ago

What exactly do you anticipate them showing that would shock the industry?

neutralgamer1992526d ago (Edited 526d ago )

More gameplay for the games they revealed because don't you think seeing actual gameplay for starfield would be a huge moment? Don't get me wrong it was a good show so no hate on the show itself. Just wanted to see more gameplay from some of the games they revealed

1Victor526d ago

You are right sit down Sony got nothing to show like high quality games that even the competition secretly say “it’s beyond anything available in consoles” better VR experiences,
Sony they’re in such a bad situation they had to delay their flagship title for a year 🤷🏿

Sitdown525d ago

Do you even read what people type, or do you just immediately read valid questions and immediately go in Sony defense mode? Sony releasing quality games won't shock the industry, as it has become the norm. PSVR2, it's expected, and Oculus is covering virtual reality as well. Or perhaps you don't understand what's being claimed when someone says shock the industry.

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jBlakeeper526d ago

I think the next State of Play will most likely cover Forspoken which is their next big game after Horizon.

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