Ubisoft Confirms Muspelheim Setting for Third Valhalla DLC

From Xfire: "While Ubisoft offered nothing more than a tease at E3 2021, it seems that the series' passionate fans have deciphered where the third Valhalla DLC will take place."

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sourOG41d ago

Yo valhalla really opens up when you get to Asgard. The builder story and such. I hope there is more or this, I’m enjoying it. I really didn’t like Valhalla at first but I wanted to finish it so I can delete it. I’m hooked now.

I think the trick with UBisoft games is not to get distracted by the dull stuff. It’s really easy to get sidetracked into some boring shit. The Asgard stuff and hunting the order of ancients is fun. I wish that was the whole game.

sourOG41d ago

They ruined it! At first I was like “why is Odin riding a f***king elk?” And then the builder story starts and I’m like sweet. They completely botched the builder story and how Odin got his 8 legged horse lol. Still fun though.