Neocrisis: Home Beta Preview

Neocrisis: It will almost be two years since Home has been announced for the PlayStation 3. Throughout this time, the release date for Home kept getting pushed back or delayed if you will. After the multiple delays, I, along with many others, lost interest in Home, but luckily a beta invite came to my e-mail. I spend a few hours with Home and now the question rises. Is it worth the wait?

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TheColbertinator3629d ago

Home could be big if it has some surprise features we are not aware of.

jazzking20013629d ago

do you need to pay for it?

rdgneoz33629d ago

Its free. All you need to do is get a beta invite, have a friend who has one share their account info with you so you can download it, or wait for the open beta.

jazzking20013629d ago

you think this will help PS3 pass the 360?

rdgneoz33629d ago

It has potential - Just need to make sure Sony and other companies use it to its full potential.

Jackthepwnsaur3629d ago

No not yet. Sony has to do alot of things to the PSN before they can do such a thing. Im in the Home Beta and I see lots of potential. But we need Cross-Game invites at least before we can say PSN will surpass XBL.

acedoh3629d ago

Over what HOME was a year and a half ago when I was the beta began. I am impressed by what has been done. I can only hope that more is to come. I think HOME can be something great. Hopefully it becomes the future for the PSN...

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