Was E3’s Return a Boom or Bust?

After missing out last year, E3 returned this year for an all digital event. Now that the show is over, our staff at Cinelinx has some thoughts on how the show went this time around….spoiler alert, it wasn't good.

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lodossrage40d ago

To be honest, if anyone has to ask that question for E3, you probably know the answer.

masterfox40d ago

E3 organizers tried I think, but without Sony the conference turn into an average displaying of games, MS had a huge opportunity to be succesful in their conference, I mean they had the time to prepare a great show, but in the end it was full of mediocrity imo, not sure what in hell they were doing all this time, still they are making money somehow so thats good for MS I guess but for gamers in general I dont think so, and for Nintendo ..ughhh. not even worth mentioning something.

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Tedakin39d ago

I dunno. They showed 30 games, 27 on gamepass this year. 5 first party titles this year. Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best looking games ever made. It was a little better than mediocre I think.

DOMination-39d ago

By the end of the first year, Microsoft will have three first party titles on XSX in MSFS, Halo and FH5. Granted its less than Sony but only by one. Lets not pretend Sony are further ahead than they are. Sure, MS didn't release anything for the first 8 months and that's shocking, but as far as I can tell, Sony have nothing in the pipeline now from R&C until whenever Horizon is out (next March??).

There's a real lack of third party titles too. People might be clamouring for these consoles but so far next-gen has been largely underwhelming.

On topic - The truth is, games are costing more and more in time and money to make. It means there are less and less games being shown every year at e3 because publishers can't afford it or are unwilling to take a risk on some projects. We need technology to catch up to our ambitions to bring down costs and development time. Maybe UE5 will help with that.

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Father__Merrin39d ago

I hope one day the big 3 return in the auditoriums and give thier speeches and have everything on stage

King_Noctis39d ago

I think that is the ultimate goal for E3. E3 this year was not as good as the past, but due to everything that has happened last year it is understandable.

annoyedgamer39d ago

But will they ever know their audience? Or will they trot out more cringefests and social commentary...

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