All Elite Wrestling Game Sneak Peek Footage Released

If you are a wrestling fan, a nice suprise popped up for you on yesterday on social media. AEW (All Elite Wrestling) Games dropped a sneak peak video showing artwork and some gameplay footage of a wrestling game in development. This premiered on the AEW Games 2.Show hosted by Allie Bunny and Aubrey Edwards.

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fitofficial40d ago

Two button layout; dive and botch.

CobraKai39d ago

Hahahaha. Press together for leg slap super kick

galgor40d ago

Console game... please be good, please!

XboxCore40d ago

Makes me think back of the N64 days playing WCW vs. nWo: World Tour. Have not really played any wrestling games since lol. Hopefully this one turns out to be nice!

excaliburps40d ago

Was kinda hoping we'd get the cartoony graphics from AKI games. :( Ah, well. Hope it plays the same.

Antnee53440d ago

Cool that you like them but for me the cartoon style turns me away from them. I never liked all stars for both its gameplay and look. So seeing this take the Sim look and hopefully some of its gameplay makes me all the more excited!

GhostScholar40d ago

If the game is anything like the actual aew product don't expect much. There is good talent but Kahn has no idea how to write tv.

lodossrage40d ago

Yeah but it's better than anything WWE has done ever since the buyouts of WCW and ECW.

I haven't watched wrestling in so long thanks to wwe. So when I saw aew I was shocked in a good way. Are they perfect? no. But after what the biggest wrestling company in the U.S. has been doing, I'll take it.

GhostScholar39d ago

I agree wwe isn't what it used to be, but I still think nxt, and smack down are better than aew. The Roman reigns heel run has been good in my opinion. If you look at how aew has used the people that have came from wwe, they aren't any better than they were in wwe aside from Jericho who is a shell of who he was in his prime.

I was excited for Luke harper to get a push when he came to aew and they just made him generic. Sting isn't being used well. Rusev is waaayyy worse than he was in wwe. It's just not a good product in my opinion because Tony khan is a mark and the wrestlers are just booking themselves however they want.

lodossrage39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I'm sorry but yeah I have to disagree with a lot of what you're saying here Ghost.

Luke Harper was being made prominent before he passed away. Having him there made the Dark Order serious rather than directionless like they are right now. Better than how he was used in WWE

Rusev is currently the tnt champion and is winning most of his matches in dominant fashion. All WWE did was give him a monster run JUST to be food for John Cena. And the moment he lost to Cena he was turned to crap immediately in WWE.

Sting is used better in AEW than he was in WWE. All they did was give Sting a loss in his first wrestlemania against Triple H JUST as a one last "F U" to WCW. And the worst part is they had DX and NWO come out. Now come on, ANYONE that watched WCW back in the day KNOWS the NWO saw guys like Sting, Booker T, Goldberg, and DDP as enemies. So why the hell would they come out to protect Sting. Sting is being used fine in AEW. Being Darby's mentor / sometimes partner is the role he needs to be in.

Smackdown isn't better since outside of Roman, the show is bad. And NXT isn't even the great thing it once was since they started with the "main roster" antics the moment they moved to two hours on USA network.

And the fact is I'm glad they don't automatically push people to the moon JUST because they came from WWE. People can call Tony Khan a mark all they want, but that mark is currently putting out a better product than the people up in Titan Tower.

Antnee53439d ago

I disagree I think its the best wrestling on the market, but to each their own.

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