They Always Run: : Demo Impressions - Hands Don't Lie

Pratyush writes - "When I initially saw a trailer for "They Always Run" sometime last year, I was instantly reminded of Zoro - the badass triple-sword-wielding deuteragonist from One Piece. The only difference here was that the protagonist, Aidan, had three hands and used the extra one instead of his mouth to hold his third sword. Recently, a demo of the game was released as a part of the Steam Summer Fest, and having gotten a general hang of the game, here are my thoughts on it."

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SlothLordPootus828d ago

This game and Replaced give me some really good vibes. Excited for both!

TheOptimist828d ago

I am hoping that we get news on The Last Night. That game was very similar in terms of aesthetics to Replaced and was announced in E3 on Microsoft's show 2-3 years ago


Sublime looking 2D platformer They Always Run out now

Richard writes: "If you were given a third arm, where would you put in on your body? On the side, or protruding straight out in front, making door opening far more efficient? As a lefty, having an additional arm underneath my weaker right helps balance things out. In They Always Run, out today on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, that third arm is used to bash more skulls in."

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They Always Run Review: Drop Dead Gorgeous - KeenGamer

KeenGamer: "They Always Run sprints into the finish line as one of the most unique action platformers of its time. Follow a three-armed bounty hunter as he travels the galaxy in search of revenge. Prepare for the brutal but satisfying combat and stunning views and landscapes."

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The space-western-themed 2D platformer “They Always Run” is coming to PC on October 20th

"The Russia-based indie games publisher and game developer Alawar Premium today announced with great joy and thrill that their space-western-themed 2D platformer "They Always Run" is coming to PC (via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store) on October 20th, 2021." - Jonas Ek, TGG.