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MonsterVine: "Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart could very well be the best game in the series."

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jznrpg35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It’s awesome . I’m slowly progressing as I’m looking for all the hidden areas and bolts and leveling up my weapons . It’s a beautiful game but most importantly it’s really fun. I love the snails and hover boots .

Teflon0234d ago

I just platinumed it today. Amazing game.

fitofficial35d ago

I'm almost at the end and it's the most linear, least inventive Ratchet so far. It's pretty disappointing. Huge RAC fan and sad to see it go downhill in favor of pretty set pieces and action sequences.

Retroman34d ago

You are right bro...I wanted to buy ps5 for this game. after YouTube reviews I changed my mind buying ps5 for this game. Ratchet and clank Rift Apart is nothing more than a open world shooter now

fitofficial34d ago

I'd still recommend a PS5, but as far as this game goes rent it or something. Anybody giving this over a 6/10 has lost their damn minds. It'll be the first Ratchet game I ever sell after playing, and I regard the original trilogy as the best trilogy in PS history.

Levii_9234d ago

Okay i respect your opinon as a mega R&C fan myself but come on every ratchet game is linear with one or two kinda open levels with more freedom so i don’t know what you’re talking about there. This one absoultely has the best level design out of all of them hands down, set pieces are just a plus.

fitofficial34d ago

You are literally insane. The level design in this is so basic it's painful. Pick any level from the original, GC, or UYA... all better designed, better use of obstacles, better platforming, better enemy layout, better puzzles, more memorable, higher replay value. Every new "addition" to this game is used as a crutch to skip from point A to B with zero thought or planning.

Levii_9234d ago

Sorry but no. And you should remove those nostalgia googles i know that’s a very hard thing for you RAC purists that like to shit on newer RAC games and pretend that there are no qualities (except graphics) and inovations in them, sure UYA is still one of the best ones and one of my favourites but it’s also probably the most linear one with the most basic level design. And also i don’t think you actually know what level design means. It’s not just how many different things you have in a level (which this game has in abundance) it’s the level it’s self, how you progress through it and how engaging it is doing it.

I think you should watch a youtuber called the golden bolt, he did a whole original trilogy retrospective review going level from level talking about literally everything .. i think that will help you get over you bais when you realise that there are plenty of painfully outdated and wrong things (mostly in the first two games).

I mean just listen to yourself .. “used as a crutch to go from A to B” ?? Dude really ? In UYA you literally just go foward shooting with barely any platforming until the end of the level and play defense tower with the Galactic Rangers. That’s really not the best level design.

Teflon0234d ago

?? It's built on the exact same aspect as A Crack in time. More open though. There's a linear path for the story yes. But it should. That's how good stories do it. I hate broad stories spread out in ways that become a issue.

King_Noctis34d ago

I think Spawnwave said it best, R&C is not the game that you would buy the PS5 for, but it is a game that you must buy if you own a PS5.

I find the game very fun and worth it though.

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