Hitman: The Franchise’s Top 5 Locations

KeenGamer: "Few protagonists are as instantly recognisable as the barcoded assassin himself. Still, all those classic assassinations are nothing without the intricate level design of the locations Agent 47 plies his deadly trade within. Here are five unforgettable locations from the Hitman franchise."

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P_Bomb38d ago

List underscores how great the level design was in the new trilogy.

shabz66638d ago

yeah i was going to say its a crime to not have marrakech on the list, but then even miami deserves a nod, great maps all around, cant wait for the 007 game from these folks.

chiefJohn11738d ago

The heaven and he'll party in blood money is my favorite

bunt-custardly38d ago

Is this the Meat King? That mission was awesome and so sexy too. I see they tried to recreate a similar vibe but more woke in Hitman III's club level.

annoyedgamer38d ago

Nothing tops the Japanese mountaintop facility.