RealGamer: Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle Review

RealGamer writes: "Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle is an adventure game that utilises the classic point-and-click game mechanics that were made famous by the Monkey Island, Broken Sword and Simon the Sorcerer games that graced the PC market years ago. This genre is perfectly suited to the DS and its touch screen and hence there has been a flurry of games in this genre throughout the handhelds lifetime including Another Code and Hotel Dusk.

For the uninitiated amongst you, the game mechanics are based around interactive backdrops which contain items that your character collects in order for them to use to complete puzzles and tasks to progress in the game. For example, at an early stage of the game you must try and cross over a fallen tree to reach a higher ledge and continue on your journey, however every time you try to get your character across, he is attacked by a crazy lemur. Therefore, you must find the necessary items in the surrounding area and use them in the correct way to get past the lemur."

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