Dark Alliance Day One Update Is a Big Download and Here’s What It Does

Expect to download a Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance day one update, and it's a big download that fixes a few key things.

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addictedtochaos45d ago

So tired of this Day 1 patch nonsense. Do all of this before the game goes gold.

Nitrowolf245d ago

Day one patches will always exists. You have thirty days usually before a game could be shipped out to retailers in order to print discs and make it there on time. In those 30 days, developers are going to try and mop up any bugs that are left.

What blows my mind however is how some games essentially ship "broken," like mission. Something that should have been caught in QA. Like there are games out there that you can't complete without the day one patch, it's crazy

excaliburps45d ago

I'm fine with day one patches but the size though? Man, 5GB is considered small now for a day one patch. :(

Nicknasty45d ago

Picked the game up last Wednesday and it’s really fun. Playing only solo, as the servers were not up yet. Hefty patch indeed!

rashada0745d ago

Good- fixes are welcome. Can't wait to play!

ConsoleAgnostic45d ago

Read the books (start with the Dark Elf Trilogy), if you enjoy the game, they are amazing!