RealGamer: Pirates: Duels on the High Seas Review

RealGamer writes: "When you think of pirates you imagine sailing on the open seas, pillaging villages, attacking and boarding ships filled with gold, following treasure maps and digging up chests full of gold pieces and the smell of salt, gunpowder and blood in your nostrils.

Pirates: Duel on the High Seas on the DS decides against this expected life of adventure, and instead the single player story mode leads you on a disappointingly short quest to find 7 magical keys that will lead you to great riches, but of course the keys are cursed and you must fight your way towards the key and then fight your way out with the key with enemy vessels trying to stop you. The home of each key is in a different sea, so you must travel the globe quickly to break the curse and collect your treasure. Each sea consists of several smaller levels which involve you gaining the key and escaping. The levels are very short and are not mentally challenging, taking at most 10 minutes to complete."

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