Forced Scarcity in Gaming – Ripping Off Fans with FOMO and Market Manipulation

There has been some debate in the forums on if Sony is using a practice called artificial scarcity. However, Nintendo, MMOs and mobile games have been fleecing fans for years.

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Garethvk42d ago

It is an interesting topic. I remember when the Wii came out and it was really hard to find one. We ended up getting one at a Target while on vacation in CA. They had just stocked 5 of them minutes earlier and we were there to get some things for our vacation and when I saw they had one I got it. A few months later a retailer told us they had warehouses full of them but they were told they could only have a small amount at a time as they were encouraging that demand was higher than supply which caused those who were on the fence to jump to it with the notion of if it is hard to find it must be good. I can also tell you about a unit of hardware that is supposedly sold out and impossible to find. The company officially had sold out on their site but we were told they had multiple models in stock and we could buy some direct from them.

Kaii42d ago

It's fair to say Nintendo hasn't been consumer-friendly for ages, y some of the games they release are absolute bangers, ignoring the pokemon series because ugh.

Companies aren't your buddies, Its all about keeping up good appearances & making money, obviously the fans continue to support this practice because they are still doing it.

rlow142d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I remember when the PS2 came out and it was impossible to get one. The same accusations back then, came up as well. Not sure if any of these type of tatics have actually been employed in the past or present? But it sure seems like it, especially in the first year of a launch.

-Hermit-42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Hardware is a bit more understandable, but when it comes to games, there is no excuse for it, not in a digital world. Having a limited time to purchase games in 2020 should not be a thing.

CobraKai42d ago

BS article. Why does this author seem to single out Sony for artificial scarcity? I mean the Xbox is extremely difficult to find too. There’s a well known issue of chip shortages. It’s like he’s really bitter that he didn’t get a PS5 and needed to write a whole article that the PS5 really isn’t as popular as it’s made out to be. Companies want to sell their merchandise. They want to make back the cost of development. The idea that large companies like Sony, whose PS had a huge demand prior to release, would sit on their stock to marinate the demand is ridiculous.

Rich163142d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Nintendo is obviously the guilty one with this since they have been having this “shortage” issue with just about everything for, oh say, 15 years lol. I don’t buy there BS excuses over and over. You are either creating artificial scarcity or you are just so unbelievably inept at production/planning that you can’t figure out demand and should fire the entire executive team.

I agree tho with you. I don’t think Sony and Microsoft are faking it this time. There is the global semiconductor shortage/pandemic affecting literally everything, and especially at the beginning of the launch, you would want as many out there as possible to hook ppl. Makes no sense to sit on it when Sony and Microsoft are already at each other’s throats this gen.

oldenjon42d ago

Yeah, artificial scarcity at this point in the console cycle / wars is a joke.

42d ago
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