RealGamer: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

RealGamer writes: "It seems, for the first person shooter genre there's no escaping the World War II setting as Call of Duty heads back there with World at War and just like its predecessors Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway once again focuses on a band of men in the midst of battle.

In Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway players assume the role of Sergeant Matt Baker, part of 101st Airborne Division in Operation Market-Garden, one of the most unsuccessful operations undertaken by allied forces during World War II. Your mission is to open the infamous "Hell's Highway" to bring a quick end to the war."

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SprayandPreycom3602d ago

sure the food is great and there arent any real problems ....
but ...
you just feel like your rather be someplace else doing something else...
having to watch 20 min of cut scenes for the first hour of gameplay dosent help