Electric Playground: Personal Training: Cooking Review

The program also has a calender and a checklist of ingredients so that you can plan meals long term, even taking the DS into the supermarket as a stylus-controlled shopping list. It's not totally noob-friendly though; some screen layouts can be confusing and cramped, and some features are a little unclear how to use until you start experimenting. However, with 240 plus recipes from basic Mac & Cheese to North African curry dishes, you'll probably find something to enjoy.

• You can place your own notes in a recipe
• Cooking instructions really are step by step
• Looks of cooking terms and other information
• Over 240 recipes
• Instructions can be voice-directed
• Calendar and shopping list

• Some functions not so immediately obvious
• Layout can be a little cluttered

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Shnazzyone3602d ago

I am considering snagging this title once it goes down in price. Might be handy to turn the ds into a cooking tool. "OOPS spilled boiling water on it" fears come to mind though.