Metroid Dread Creator Insists It Is Not a Horror Game but Standing Up Against Fear

Yoshio Sakamoto explains how Metroid Dread is not a horror game.

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GoodGuy0940d ago

I loved the horror feel of fusion. Fits metroid very well since youre in space all alone as the only human in locations filled with nothing but alien monsters.

diepdiep40d ago

Fusion also had the environment and music giving that uneasy feeling, especially during the "blackout" segment.

Highrevz40d ago

That first encounter when SA-X gets a close up and you can see the face👀 that was very well done.

Eamon40d ago

Metroid 2 and Super Metroid were quite creepy games. Metroid Fusion had that sense of dread whenever SA-X was pursuing you.

WeAreLegion40d ago

Then call it Metroid: Courage.

rlow140d ago

I was hoping for a 3d return of Metroid, but this concept is so cool i can't wait to get my hands on it. Its amazing that this was supposed to be a sequel for the original game. Glad he was able to make it.

CobraKai39d ago

I never got a horror vibe from it. Just that sense of being in an unknown environment like other Metroid games. I guess that’s a type of horror to some.

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