Xbox Won E3 2021, and It Wasn't Close

COG writes: If success is measured in hype and value provided to platform owners, Xbox murdered and buried the competition on Sunday with corporate gangster-level ruthlessness.

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Levii_9244d ago

I still think they had the best show overall but it was still underwhelming for me. It had absoultely zero wow factor .. i guess that was the running theme for this whole E3.

itsmebryan44d ago

FH5 was underwhelming? You can not be into racing but, still appreciate the amazing advances in graphics of the game,

waverider44d ago

Thats the only game. And its racer. Everything else...

Levii_9244d ago

itsmebryan Not the kind of WOW factor i was talking about.

F0XH0UND92244d ago

What about the pop-in in the FH5 gameplay? Lol The game doesn't look much different than the previous iterations of Forza. It's a beautiful game but let's not pretend FH5 is a wow-factor or console selling game.

IamFrasierCrane44d ago

Nice graphics but it’s the same game they’ve been churning out for a few years now. No one should be surprised to see this game and certainly not wowed by it.

1Victor44d ago

Do you really win a 3 man race if the other 2 chooses not to race?
Agree = yes
Disagree = no
Vote now 😉✨

sher123win12344d ago (Edited 44d ago )

itsmebryan, your reaction is understandable because who have not played or seen a great game on an xbox console for a long time....

bouzebbal44d ago

This e3 was the worst ever.. Laughable

Z50143d ago

1 game. Proving the point "underwhelming"

spwittbold43d ago

Yeah, I am NOT A racing gamer by any means - but when I first played Forza Horizon 3 I was hooked beyond addicition with no hope of return. This developer (Playground Games) knows how to make an engaing/fun/varied car game that literally anyone can enjoy including racing fanatics.

leejohnson22243d ago

30fps in a racing game on the series x beast? Say its not so, 12tflops of raw power. Guess it's only Sony who get flak for that stuff

anubusgold43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

@1Victor You can say the same thing about the ps3 microsoft and nintendo shut down production to start on the new generation sony kept selling consoles long after the others quit so they could say they won.

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SpineSaw44d ago

Wow factor will most likely never return to E3 with the biggest names in gaming not being part of it and its more likely that some that attended this year will soon not be part of it in the future. E3 has changed from its original purpose to now being a fan event and there's nothing wrong with that but what's the point? To attend E3 this cost Developers and Publishers millions of dollars when they can do their own even on their own time for very little cost and get the same returns. Sadly but IMO E3 is nothing more than waste of money.

RiverCityBoy43d ago

Hold up this is new information for me. Developers PAY to attend e3? And millions at that??? Wtf?

VenomCarnage8943d ago

@rivercityboy if publishers/developers don't pay for the right to market their games at E3, how exactly would it get funded otherwise? No one's spending millions to selflessly let these people reach a huge audience for free

lelo2play44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Yep, Microsoft had a good show. Way better then everybody else...

cd143d ago

Spot on - the bar was set very low this year.

Coming straight off the back of the Bethesda acquisition and having no Sony to steal the show, I was expecting MS to come out all guns blazing - they did not and its a massive missed opportunity imo.

Docknoss43d ago

No MS definitely stole the show and Dominated it. This E3 is the Catalyst for Xbox to start amassing a major player base because of game pass. 27 of the 32 games coming to Game Pass is massive, everyone noticed. Listen to any game podcast post E3.

zypher43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I tend to agree, but it depends on what your expectations and interests are. Mine were pretty high on the strength of seeing Everwild, Fable and Hellblade 2, but since none of them were present I felt underwhelmed. FH5 is of course more than a solid racer, but still not enough to carry the conference on its own.

MS has the PR wind behind them at the moment (mostly on the strength of services), and I plan to get a SX soon, but yeah, their games just haven't delivered that wow factor. Demoms Souls remake, Forbidden West both look like state of the art CG; Rift Apart looks like a Pixar movie. Xbox just hasn't shown anything near the same visual fidelity

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Ratchet7544d ago

Xbox and Nintendo had a great show but in term of surprises(which is why we re all watching E3) , Nintendo is the clear winner.

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Levii_9244d ago

Surprises at Ninty’s E3 hmm … oh yeah i remember one, i remember that i could have grabed my iphone anytime during that conference and play some random games that actually look better than most of the things they showed. That was truly surprising for me.

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ScootaKuH44d ago

If the year was 2005 it might have looked incredible but for me, it looked so dated.

porkChop44d ago

Nintendo had some surprises, but other than that it was underwhelming. Xbox was a stronger show overall, just without much surprise.

Seraphim44d ago

Honestly, top of my head I'd call it a draw. Neither really came hard and both had mediocre showings with a sprinkle of announcements. At least in terms of what only they offer.

FinalFantasyFanatic44d ago

They had so many games, Metroid, new Mario Party, Fatal Frame, Wario Ware, SMT 5, ect... I was definitely more excited by Nintendo's show more than anyone else's, and I'm not even a big Nintendo fan.

MightyHealthy44d ago

What did nintendo surprise us with

Rockstar43d ago

@Ratchet75 I totally agree. Nintendo wins for me overall.MS conference had a couple of smaller games that interested me but conference was meh

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ichdich44d ago

i still think they had the best show

gerbintosh43d ago

"Xbox Won E3 2021, and It Wasn't Close"

Won 2021 E3 by showing games that won't appear till the end of 2022 and beyond?

gamer780443d ago

I don’t think you watched the right conference. They showed tons of games coming out in 2021, FS, SoT, Halo, 12min, psyconauts2, eetc

Thundercat7744d ago

" Xbox murdered and buried the competition on Sunday"

How do you murder and bury a competitor who is not even participating on the event?

Om4ever44d ago

Because they are talking about the participants

Highrevz44d ago

So defensive lol there’s no mention of Sony in there because they didn’t do a show.

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darthv7244d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Dont take it personal. Even Sony congratulated MS for doing a great show.

SirBruce43d ago

Well, Phil congratulates Sony for every show they make... since he is master chef.

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King_Noctis44d ago

Sony is not the only competition to MS if we’re strictly talking about game and not hardware.

Obscure_Observer44d ago

"How do you murder and bury a competitor who is not even participating on the event?"

Easy. The "competitor" you´re talking about decided to run away from the event years ago. Murdered by default.

F0XH0UND92244d ago

Murdered by default lmao When Sony drops any new footage of one of their AAA exclusives, it's get more views and traffic than the entire MS E3 showing.

dbcoops44d ago

Amazing how they "ran away" and still manage to murder MS in console sales and superior game offerings year after year.

DarXyde44d ago

Oh, hush.

Following that logic, PS5 has already "beaten" Series S and Series X because Microsoft has run away from reporting console sales - "murdered by default," was it? Microsoft also said they're not competing with Sony or Nintendo, so that would mean Nintendo 'won' E3 as a gaming platform and Microsoft 'won' as a service...right?

Private events seem to work best for Sony (and Nintendo, frankly). I don't get the point of having an online conference for E3 when you can hold your own and have your own rules. What is the benefit of an arbitrary deadline to have a showing specifically in June? All that does is create time crunch to have something to show. That's probably why you got a cinematic trailer for Starfield instead of gameplay (which, by the way, Xbox gamers often criticized PlayStation for cinematic trailers instead of gameplay at their past conferences, but hey).

I really don't see the value of E3 for Sony. Their consumers are pretty well-informed about big games coming from via State of Play. An example: at the time of this comment of mine, Horizon: Forbidden West's gameplay trailer (uploaded 3 weeks ago on the official PlayStation YouTube channel) has 6.5M views. The Xbox E3 showcase on Microsoft's channel (added 4 days ago) is currently sitting at 1.7M views. On average, that is 310k views/day on Horizon and 425k/day on Xbox E3. Think about that: during a global pandemic where everything is distributed online and people are acclimated to this format by now, a single game on PlayStation has almost three-quarters (72%) of the daily viewership of Microsoft's entire event. Their event – presumably bolstered by E3 – appealing to a wider variety of gamers than a single game in a defined genre that has a specific appeal, isn't doing much better. Does Sony need E3? Apparently not.

Plenty of other shows and private events to debut what's in the works. For Microsoft, I wonder how many new announcements you'll get this year.

Should Sony make some kind of showing this year? I mean, yeah. Where it's relevant, absolutely. E3 has been slipping into irrelevance for a while now and they're already doing very well in the west. Other events, say, in Japan, are probably a better fit for them to appear at a formal event as a guest. But E3? No need for that. Maybe to showcase PSVR2 and if God of War is closer to launch by then, ok. Otherwise, nah.

RedDevils44d ago

What a clown. Murder with trailer vs real games that delivered. Hey you're not a clown, you actually the whole circuit. lol

kayoss43d ago

This is funny, have you ever thought Sony didnt "Run away". They probably felt their competitors werent worth their time?

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waverider44d ago

Dude, what can they say.... After all te hype... Beside forza.... Halo was mp and zero sp. A bunch of pc games for this year.

phoenixwing44d ago

As a pc gamer I was quite pleased with microsoft

DarXyde44d ago

It really wasn't a bad show. Certainly their best in a very long time. Halo MP was actually the smarter choice in my view. I don't care for Halo, but I'm well aware that the multiplayer has always been the main reason to play it. They did come out with Psychonauts 2 which is a sequel to a cult classic and Back 4 Blood does look like a return to the fun of Left 4 Dead, but that is multiplatform. Can't really judge Starfield yet, but that is an actual Microsoft exclusive (which I'm not quite sure why people are upset about that - it's a new IP).

It was an interesting show. Plenty for Xbox fans to be excited about. I do take issue with the people who can't be happy for Microsoft without snide remarks about other companies though. Those people need to calm down - they've literally been waiting longer than anyone for anything worthwhile and they've got chips on their shoulders now. Welcome to the club, lads. There's a seat for you at the table, but reel it in (though, to be fair to them, there are people on my side of the fence who are obnoxious).

DJStotty44d ago


"Beside forza.... Halo was mp and zero sp. A bunch of pc games for this year."

So your saying Microsoft have provided me with a bunch of games this year?

I knew you had it in you to praise something Microsoft related, good job.

FinalFantasyFanatic44d ago

I'll be adding some of these to my steam account's wishlist, it's the main reason I watch the Microsoft presentations, to see what's coming out on pc.

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DJStotty44d ago

Wow, defensive much, they are not even talking about Sony, but let's jump and defend eh?

gamer780443d ago

Sony did it to themselves. MS even had dev interviews and some footage for an hour after e3. It was a blowout this year

enkiduxiv43d ago

Did what to themselves exactly? They weren't there.

gamer780443d ago (Edited 43d ago )

@/enkiduxiv lack of coverage and announcements they could have made. They chose to not support the biggest videogame celebration in the US.

43d ago
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