Gears of War 2 Matchmaking Problems Persist

There's no denying that Gears of War 2 has excellent multiplayer -- if only we could get to it. Despite last week's release of a patch to improve wait times for online play, the complaints are still rolling in on Epic's forums, and we're having difficulties as well.

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Viewtiful3699d ago

Gears 2 is a PoS. Completely overrated even when it DOES work.

dannyhinote_133699d ago

Completely wrong.
There are some glitches with need to be fixed, but the multiplayer is enthralling.

Maxned3699d ago

Give me a break. You dont own the game. Even if you did, then ou obviously havent played Horde to its full potential/beaten the co-op campaign.
Then again, you need friends for both of those so that may be a problem for you.

Man_of_the_year3699d ago

OPEN ZONE is that a way ---->

especially for a guy who doesn't own a 360 and has never played the game.

wanderofys3699d ago


People are becoming more and more tolerant of games being released unfinished and not working correctly.

I can't figure out why.

Don't buy games that don't work correctly and this will stop happening.

KARMA20093699d ago

and they pay $50 for each year for this.SAD

Sayai jin3699d ago

@KARMA2009- It's not XBL that is causing the problem, it is something with the encoding in the game. Who's they?



totally agree. at first i thought it was just the oline and live, then i got to play gears at a Lan tourney and guess what.... even on lan it had the same issues and glitches, then i knew the problem was the network code itself not live or anything else. at that point i stopped playing gears online. to be honest i didn't think they would fix gears 2 and i was right.

whats said is that we should all make a stand and not put up with this crap.... but for everygamer who complains and says these are the problems with this game, you have another gamer who tells you they are being noobs by complaining and just stop moaning and play something else.

what i have noticed about gears 2 is that the people who seem to love are those who could not play the first one so well online or those who could not handle a shotgun fight, now the shotgun is useless they love it. while those who used the shotgun the most in gears 1 seem to have the biggist problem with gears 2.

personally i don't like a lot of things about gears 2... and i could go on and on about what i think its wrong with it, but i simply wont play it.

i don't care how good people say hord is, for me personally the game is a failure, its as big a letdown as halo 3 and 2 were after playing halo 1.

anyway i have moved on. gears 1 was great... untill they started f$T%king it up with updates and it went downhill from there....gears 2 is... well the second part to that > still going down hill.

back to dead space. on my 3rd play through, not even bothered finishing gears 2 yet.

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ihaten4glol3699d ago

I really don't care too much for Gears 2, either. I enjoyed the first game and this was more of the same, but there's only so much praise that can be lauded upon the franchise no matter how fun it is to use a Lancer to rip heads off. This broken multiplayer business is turning me off ever using it.

IaMs123699d ago

You have got to give it time. From what i have heard, cuz i didnt play Halo 3 when it first came out, had the same problems with the matchmaking. Its new, you have to give it time to find the glitchs then fix them. its been out a month exactly now? give them time to find the problems and fix it, from what i recall from playing Gears 2 the other day i found a Horde game in no time at all

callahan093699d ago

Halo 3 worked great for me when it first came out. Gears 1 had awful issues. I couldn't get into a match to save my life and when I could the slowdown was unbearable and unplayable. I've had the same issues with Gears 2. It took about 2 months before Gears 1 worked for me. Once it worked, though, I became very addicted. I don't know why Epic hasn't been able to get the networking code right, straight out of the gates, but whatever.

caladbolg7773699d ago

Gears II = Socom Confrontation?

dragonslayer913699d ago

The reason for the matchmaking issue is that everybody is returning or has sold the game. Check the bargain bin at Biglots. I saw a bunch of Gears 2, the disks were all scratched though, like average 360 games. Good luck.

James Abels3699d ago

hopefully they can solve this, It suck's when its a big game like gears, I am also feeling the pain with LBP as the multi-player there still needs a bit of work :(

Blademask3699d ago

Gears Matchmaking doesnt.

it takes 4 seconds to join a friends pod.

it takes 90 hours to matchmake.

1 game is touted to be the biggest and most badass game known to man, yet.. the online doesn't work.

One game got negative press for it. The other one, well.. is here with only 3 degrees of a story.


MediaSpin3603699d ago

We tried to tell you Xbox Fanboys. The HDMI port, 1080p, HD, large storage, multi-cpus, etc and no one wanted to listen...

This is only going to get worse... Whats funny is that the XBox 360 is EASY to develop for so whats the problem?

All I know is regardless of platform the glitching in games is out of control.

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