D&D Dark Alliance Local Co-Op Coming to PS5, XSX, PC This Summer, Can Be Played Offline

Tuque Games confirmed that Dark Alliance local co-op is indeed coming this summer -- at least for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC! Confirmed that the game can be played and completed offline.

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titans999941d ago

No online requirement = day one buy and pre-order for me! All other companies need to take note! GET RID OF ON LINE REQUIREMENT AND LIVE SERVICES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nitrowolf241d ago

It's a dumb thing period. I just don't get why it exists, I mean I can understand offline cheating but just add a good anti-cheat, especially for console players because they don't have much of ways to circumvent it.

Some online always games make no sense either.

titans999940d ago

Right? It makes no sense, which is one of the main reasons i never bought Breakpoint - loved wildlands, and was really wanting to get breakpoint until they announced it requiered an on line connection - it just ruins would think that with all the new technology nowadays, they would be able to invent some type of new anti cheat....

Ratty40d ago

Online requirements for single player games definitely need to gtfo. Live service I still think could be done well but I haven't seen anyone pull it off yet.

jznrpg38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

This was my biggest gripe when it was announced . I’ll get it when offline co op is added , it’s the only way I played the old games . Very happy with this