Why you should be playing The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has been the subject of much debate within the Elder Scrolls fandom, even before its announcement in May 2021. After changing its appearance and menus to distance itself from World of Warcraft, ESO positioned itself as an outstanding online Elder Scrolls experience.

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Nacho_Z89d ago

One of the most boring games I've played. Don't be fooled by people who claim it's on a par with the main SP games. As an MMO RPG it's probably fine, as an Elder Scrolls game it's crap.

sourOG89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Same here. I tried it once and then deleted it. I haven’t played any of the expansions so I can’t talk on that but I couldn’t even play Skyrim after playing Witcher 3. The writing is just awful and boring in comparison. That’s what has me worried about the realism comments about starfield. If you can’t make fantasy interesting you will have a hell of a time with realism.

Nacho_Z89d ago

I gave it a good go as I wanted to like it but it wasn't to be. I've never really enjoyed the writing in ES games, Skyrim bored me to tears at times, but I loved exploring interesting locations and the relatively satisfying combat. None of that in ESO.

If Starfield has the same quality of writing and voice acting that Skyrim does and the same overall clunky gameplay then it will probably suffer as people will expect more.

sourOG89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Yeah I mean I’m not hating on them. I will buy the next elder scrolls, I’m not pretending like I’m not lol. What they do isn’t easy. I just had nothing to compare it to until I played Witcher 3 and it hit me like a brick.

But they are good and it’s not easy to write for games especially massive open world ones. I don’t think people play ESO for the writing though lol. I did and that’s probably a mistake on my part.

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BigMalk89d ago

It's really not that good. As an ex MMO junkie and ES fan, it couldn't get the balance right, and seemed like a dumbed down version of both genres, never quite meeting a point that made it enjoyable to play.

Fallout 76 did the same. It never quite meets the needs of a larger fanbase of the IPs, and is too lite for MMO players.

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Mr_Luke89d ago

I started ESO and, coming from many MMORPGs before it, i fount it so boring that i've stopped playing after 1 month about.
A found FFXIV and WoW a lot better than it and more funny. Maybe less "RPG" but a lot less boring than ESO.