Playground Games: Because of Game Pass, People Come Back 6 Months Later

Playground Games Principal Game Designer Mike Brown shares how the subscription service makes gamers come back to play even after six months.

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VersusDMC1103d ago

I like how in the article they say the library is there for free...

I replay Dead Space 1 and 2 on my PS3 every once in awhile and that's free for me to replay. I don't have to pay 15 dollars a month to replay them.

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King_Noctis1103d ago

It is “free” for you to replay because you had already bought the game outright. You can do the same thing for any game on Gamepass.

dbcoops1103d ago

Its not free if you're paying a continuous subscription fee.

King_Noctis1103d ago

“ Its not free if you're paying a continuous subscription fee.”

And it is not free for the OP as well because they have to pay for the game upfront.

dbcoops1103d ago

A one time fee and a continuous subscription fee are two entirely different things but ok.

King_Noctis1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

“ I replay Dead Space 1 and 2 on my PS3 every once in awhile and that's free for me to replay.”

That was the point that the OP made, and I just replied to that point. I did not say the subscription service is free, and on that note buying a game outright is not “free”.

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Yui_Suzumiya1102d ago

Shoot, I have all 3 Dead Space games in excellent condition for PS3 including all DLC and Extraction. Love them. Hope they do a Remastered Collection of those next similar to Mass Effect and BioShock.

OneLove1102d ago

Whats the point of comments like this🤷🏾‍♂️

strifeblade1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I actually got game pass for 3 years, For 180$ and then I game share with a friend so we got game pass for 90$ each to play hundreds of games. You? You payed 90$ for Rachet and Clank. Go play that in three years and you tell me who got a better bargain😏 OHHHHH DISRESPECTED.

further aren't you the Sony player who jumped to buy PS+ during the PS3 era where you payed a subscription to get a few free games back when sony online was free? You probably were so it's funny to see sony gamers knock game pass when they paid for something inferior back then🤣

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Lore1103d ago

Don’t people who own their games come back after six months as well

CYALTR1102d ago

I'm sure that they do, it has just been there experience that when the game was on Game Pass there was more continuous interaction. I think they are just sharing how things went with Forza Horizon 4. It sounds like they weren't really sure of the idea at first, but it is working for them.

This isn't a solution for all developers, but I think it is silly to just deny the one's that are seeing success with it, just because you don't like the concept. It seems to be working well for some, I haven't really seen many complaining, but perhaps they don't want to go on the record against MS.

Lore1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I actually don’t mind gamepass, the issue I have is that I’m methodical about my choice of games, and gamepass either has zero games I want to play or has games that I already beat and have zero interest in going back to. The “Netfix” of games business model works well for tv and movies, but is entirely different for me in regards to video games.

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Tedakin1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

@Z501 I can play Dead Space for free too with no sub service. I own all the games.

@ron_danger Oh I thought he "swooped in to try to make it a fanboy fight" first.

Ron_Danger1103d ago

It’s nice to see you are self aware and are able to see that you tried to make this into a fanboy fight. Very big of you to start acting like an adult.

Tedakin1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

You said I swooped in to make it a fanboy fight. That's what he did first and I simply replied. And I'm not sure if you're new to N4G, but this entire site is nothing but petty fanboy fights.

Ron_Danger1103d ago

He didn’t though. He pointed out a lie that the article repeatedly pushed and you got defensive and brought up the ps5 not having BC for ps3 games. So yes, you swooped in and tried to make it a fanboy argument. And I’m well aware of the fanboy fights on n4g... I’m currently trying to help a user understand this exact point.