Senua's Saga: Hellblade II - A Saga In The Making

Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades introduces a look into the development of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, the next chapter in Senua’s journey.

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Sonic-and-Crash46d ago

So basically the first cg trailer back in 2019 was just thin air with no actual game behind it ...just a a videoclip with cool music to hype the Xbox players ....... development begins now with probably 2024-2025 release....

ok then(smh)

porkChop46d ago

No. They've been building up the technology, combat systems, etc., while getting everything ready for the new gen. This isn't just some last gen game that was pushed to the newer systems with prettier graphics.

badz14946d ago

Building up the tech? What tech? The game is build using UE.

RaidenBlack46d ago

They have their customized UE4 build. It takes time and effort. Check Project Mara.
Many devs do. Ubi Montreal used highly customized UE2.5 for last 2 Splinter Cells and those look better than many UE3 games of 2012/13.
Rocksteady used a highly customized UE3 for Arkham City and still looks good and better than many UE4 games.
MK11 still uses a very heavily customized build of UE3 (yes UE3 in 2019, not UE4)

Babadook746d ago

I liked the footage. An artistic studio. Wish they hadn’t gone with ms but what can you do.

dumahim46d ago


They've said this will be a UE5 game, and UE5 isn't officially out until 2022.

DJStotty46d ago


Your trying to hard fella, UE5 is not officially launched until early/mid 2022, no one expects gameplay until then.

Name 1 game on any platform that is being built for UE5, that has shown gameplay?

I'll wait...

wolf58146d ago

OH I SEE this game then will be better than "some last game that was pushed.." or more next gen in graphs and gameplay than halo infinite,forza horizon 5,gow,horizon zero dawn 2...
let me give y a tip this game will score below these games...

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IRetrouk46d ago

They are only working on the vertical slice now, whatever way you cut it, the games far off, shown way too early.

jcole9746d ago

It’s like no one can be excited about anything with you people. Did you get excited by the God of War logo?


They sure did but let them move the goal post just a bit before answering...

buffig46d ago

Yeah, but to be fair, God of War is more of a known quantity. The trailer for Senua was noted as being "In engine" and everyone lost their minds, thinking that was how the game would look. If they showed a CGI trailer of GoW, people would be excited, yes, but they'd also be a bit pissed that they got yet another CGI trailer


Ok so tell me what you think of the GoW2 symbol trailer...

Sonic-and-Crash46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

you comparing the development of GoW 2 the juggernaught Playstation IP (no matter if i dont like GoW at all for personal reasons) with the almost indie development of Hellblade 2 ??

think again what u said

Greg280146d ago

I mean the God of War Ragnarok teaser trailer had a release window, 2021.
Sure its delayed now, but it would've been released in 2021 if we were not in a pandemic

Hellblade 2 was revealed in 2019... and it's probably going to release somewhere 2024 or later. So they showed it waaay to soon

InUrFoxHole46d ago

Ok, they showed it early... What's the next complaint?


Yeah exactly what I figured you'd do. Evade the question...

Obscure_Observer46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


"So basically the first cg trailer back in 2019 was just thin air with no actual game behind it ...just a a videoclip with cool music to hype the Xbox players"

Pretty sure I saw hanging limbs, volcano (probably Hekla in the south of Iceland), Viking Warriors (probably from Senua´s tribe), a giant which may or may be not that giant from the rocks and even what´s seems to be Senua´s village at the top of a hill in this new trailer. All previously showed in Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 official reveal trailer from 2019, which leads me to assume that you´re either clueless or full of s***.

FYI, the "cool music" that you mentioned is "In Maidjan" by Heilung and the band is currently working with Ninja Theory on Hellblade II´s original soundtrack.

Sonic-and-Crash46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

no matter how you spin it . no matter how many replies you give to me matter how informed your are about that CG trailer.....

the truth is one.... good patience ill play the game not before 2024-25...and MS has no games ...

waverider46d ago

Its was faked. Thats the problem with cgi trailer. Even in game doesnt mean the game will look close to that, much less cgi...

Teflon0246d ago

No surprise this was essentially the route taken with the first game. MS ain't going to save them from the very long process to make a short but good game lol

Jericho133746d ago

Ninja Theory is a small studio so they can’t knock out games on a regular basis. I’d rather they take their time with it personally.

Darkborn46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I feel like the actual Microsoft developers that weren't just bought with zenimax did absolutely nothing but listen to speeches from Phil Spencer every day for 3 years and not work on games. They have like nothing to show but zenimax stuff that they just bought.

46d ago
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isarai46d ago

So you got nothing... ok 👌

roadkillers46d ago

The preparation for a game is extension. My guess is that the planning takes just as long as the computer development. I have no basis on this, would someone be able to confirm or deny?

isarai46d ago

They shouldn't have announced it so early that we sit here over a year later with STILL not a single drop of gameplay, not even a screenshot. Yes it takes years, but studios don't usually ride this long on a CGI trailer and a bunch of talk. They should have waited till development was further along to announce this.

roadkillers46d ago

If you were anticipating a fast launch after debut, I can see the frustration. They never gave a drop date. On the hand, this isn't like GTA6... we know GTA6 is coming even if they haven't announced it. HellBlade 2, no one knew there would be a sequel. It is a horse a piece. The gaming world is a lot different from how it was two decades ago. Game developers were dropping Final Fantasies, Devil May Cry's, Resident Evils, and GTA's like they were nothing. Now we get a new game once every half-decade.

jznrpg45d ago

The game was announced 2 years ago . It should be half way done

Knushwood Butt46d ago

No expense spared on this one.

jartoon46d ago

I don't get it... the first Hellblade wasnt good enough to warrant this much hype and blind faith... Monotonous, damage-sponge battles, cheesy story/dialogue, uninspired, overly linear level design w minimal interaction... It basically felt like a glorified UDK student project... How is this one of the most hyped XB exclusives?

porkChop46d ago

The first game was almost universally praised while it was exclusive to PS.

King_Noctis46d ago

I remember N4G fan used to call it their personal GOTY or “underrated” gem back then. However, as soon as the game come to Xbox and MS bought Ninja Theory, the hate start popping up.

Never change N4G. Lmao.

dbcoops46d ago

And almost universally hated by others until that exclusivity went away.

waverider45d ago

And was criticized buy xbox gamers...

Gunstar7546d ago

What??? How many awards did it win? It had its faults, but was very well produced and insanely (pun intended) atmospheric.

I really liked the game

FlavorLav0146d ago (Edited 46d ago )

What looks excellent? They haven’t built anything yet. Officially announced a year ago and all they have are Assets?

dbcoops46d ago

This just looked like a bunch of hard to distinguish smash cuts and FMV sequences.

Gunstar7546d ago

They showed actual in game assets. They are busy finalising a chunk of the game, then will use that as basis to build the rest of the experience on. Thats what he said.