Xbox Design Lab is Back. Personalize Your Next-Gen Controller and Make It Yours

Last October, we paused Xbox Design Lab as we prepared for the launch of Xbox Series X|S and our new Xbox Wireless Controller. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Xbox Design Lab is back to help you to once again create a controller that’s unmistakably yours.

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darthv7249d ago

As a controller collector, I tend to shy away for the custom ones. I go mostly for the retail and ones that were made for special promotions. I do have a few friends who have GL created ones and I do like you can get it custom how you want, but it is colors only. They cant make them with specific themes.

49d ago
crxss49d ago

"Personalize your last* gen controller"

King Nezz49d ago


You idiots must have sad lives that any opportunity you see, you just have to say something dumb. Keep living in misery like your favorite console company gives 2 dog poops about you.

DJStotty48d ago

How's your custom PS5 dualsense controller coming along?

Oh wait....