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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers brings you into the role of an active duty cop, backing it up with some excellent visuals and immersive gameplay.

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VenomUK123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

A cop simulator is rich with gameplay ideas; besides car chases, shootouts, conversations, stopping robberies, there's lots of stuff that would be so much fun if done well. But with all these sim games it does make me think everything could be rolled in GTA VI. I'm going to avoid making a Polygon comment about this... if Police Simulator is good i'd play it.

DrixCasuist117d ago

I certainly had a lot more fun than i expected just handing out tickets. Also brushed up on knowledge of the law a bit. ;)

Phoenix76123d ago

I'll play it.... But only if I can be Sergeant Detective Lieutenant Frank Drebin