Redfall The Weakest "One More Thing" Yet

Devin Rardin: In the Redfall trailer, there was no sense of innovation, and the trailer itself made us question the kind of game being sold.

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majiebeast41d ago

Nothing will ever beat Nintendo Land fire works, but this is a close second. The game is not getting any views on youtube.

Orchard41d ago

Nothing will ever beat RIDDDGEEE RACCEEEERRR!

Godmars29041d ago

This game isn't even a blip on - RIDDDGEEE RACCEEEERRR! - radar. Until there's actual footage, its just another team coop shooter.

Lightning Mr Bubbles41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

So I'm not the only one who thinks Redfall looks kind of lame? I remember one of the ladies on the post show was acting like it was the greatest thing ever... And I'm like, "what is she talking about?" It looks kind of fortnite-ish with the cartoony characters, and that women's big afro hair?? I mean come on... Some people say it reminds them of Left 4 Dead a bit, but Left 4 Dead is a zombie shooter, how can you compare? Besides, Back 4 Blood is the real next Left 4 Dead.

Concertoine41d ago

It just blows my mind how Arkane is allowed to get away with their hideous art style no questions asked.

medman41d ago

What the heck does "afro hair" have to do with anything? You sound like a lame....

Zeref41d ago

This isn't a left 4 dead style shooter, it's a story based game.

NeoGamer23241d ago

Honestly it is hard to form a real opinion on this game from the trailer. I liked the humor, the graphics were good, and the premise is interesting. Same with Starfield. When they said tease they really meant tease.

But as for the story and gameplay we don't know much yet, It has potential. Anyone saying it is the greatest ever or worst ever is just being crazy right now.

OG_TK_Cole41d ago

What does a Black Woman's hair have to do with the making of the game. See this is the stuff that will get you in trouble outside of the Internet. Some of you be saying stuff and dont even realize that your being disrespectful.

annoyedgamer41d ago

From the looks of it thats the only female with hair.


So you have a problem with afros? Seems like maybe you don't like a certain group associated with that type of hair style. Of all the things in that trailer that's what you pick out to criticize? Your hair must be stunning...

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Knushwood Butt41d ago

People that hate on the Wii U are obviously afraid of something called PROGRESS.

Christopher41d ago

This game is getting way too much hate because everyone is jumping on a bandwagon when it showed more in its CGI trailer than a ton of other games announced similarly this year and in past years.

enkiduxiv41d ago

I think it has more to do with the studio. I personally think Arcane has more talent than any of the other Bethesda studios because of Dishonored and Prey. Immersive Sims never really sell well though and we have to keep daddy Microsoft happy.

Banthis41d ago

I know it's your opinion and I respected. I do think saying 'more talent than any of the other Bethesda studios' it's a bit much, taking in consideration that machinegames and id software have high quality standards. I'm not even mentioned bethesda game studios, which is the higher grossing of them all

TheOptimist40d ago

Tbh it's a tough competition between Arkane and ID. But Arkane and ID are the only AAA developers I trust right now

enkiduxiv40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@Banthis I have to admit I forgot about Id. BGS needs to prove its found its mojo again with Starfield at least for me personally, too much monetization going on with that studio lately.

aconnellan40d ago

I don’t understand. Microsoft’s purchase of Zenimax went through in March. Do you think that Arkane started development on this after March, when such a decision could be dictated?

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ABizzel141d ago

I think the biggest issue is there are nearly 6 four-player co-op shooter games (most of which are supernatural) all coming out in the next year or so. There are just way too many.

Back 4 Black
Redfall (the name isn't the best)
Warhammer: Darktide
I forgot the other one

Concertoine41d ago

Yup. We went from a drought of L4D style games to more than i know what to do with. Put that suicide squad game on there too it looks like L4D.

41d ago
Christopher41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

This optional co-op shooter is the straw on the camel's back, not Outriders, Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Dead By Daylight, Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, Fallout 76, Strange Brigade, Grounded, Monster Hunter, etc.? And, heck, throw in Indies, and this explodes out grotesquely as there are a ton of co-op-focused games there.

I think people are too adjusted to seeing an expanse of representation of other genres but overlook that this is extremely represented in the industry as well. It's just normally not seen that way or has a slight SP element to it (same with Redfall and Dark Alliance here, btw).

Zeref41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Redfall and Contraband don't belong on that list,

They're both Openworld.
Redfall is a story based game that has fun coop mechanics.
Contraband is a game based on heists and isn't necessarily a shooter(they said shooting is a last resort and not a focus of the game)

Yes they have coop like the other games but that's literally where the similarities end. The other games on that list are survival focused games.

Are we gonna pretend that all games that have 4 player coop are the same now?

KillBill41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You put "the name isn't the best" after Redfall but don't put any such quantification to Anacrusis.... really??? lol

What made you think Contraband is in the same category as the other Left4Dead type games? It is only mentioned as co-op but has no given gameplay to ascertain it is just another 4 player co-op game. Looks to me like Contraband would fit more into a Kane & Lynch type game than not.

shuvam0940d ago

I think you're thinking of World War Z Aftermath. Tbh Redfall is open world, so the closest comparison would be Generation Zero.

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Godmars29041d ago

Likely getting hate for showing what would be an interesting SP ARPG, fighting against a covert vampire conspiracy as it becomes more open, into another post-apocalyptic team shooter that can be played alone. With the especial sore spot of "alone" probably being everyone else being AI controlled.

Christopher41d ago

The documentation on it specifically cited having a solo spec and mentioned nothing of AI team members. But specifically mentioned teaming up with others with a group spec.

Godmars29041d ago

Thing is, until actual gameplay is shown, it just another coop shooter, that's promising a SP shooter campaign.

Zeref41d ago

Have you ever played an Arkana game?

It's not gonna be a mindless shooter, it's a story focused game.

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Orchard41d ago

Author must have watched a different E3 from me - I'm pretty excited to see how this game plays and find out more about it.

-Foxtrot41d ago

I enjoyed the concept with vampires

I enjoyed the fact it was Arkane

I just hated the fact it was ANOTHER 4 player co-op, work together type of game where they say you can play solo but you never know if it's something you can play solo where you'll get the exact same experience or if it's just a mode thrown in to keep people happy. Time will tell but Arkane was always a single player focused studio, even with Deathloop they have an invading feature online wise but it's not full blown co-op.

Relientk7741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

If it was just like Dishonored, but you played as a vampire with cool powers, I would have been totally game. Not a fan they made this 4 player co-op either. That's not Arkane's specialty.

41d ago
DJStotty41d ago

"Not a fan they made this 4 player co-op either."

So play solo, smh.....

--Onilink--41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Also interesting that they are saying its Open World (or city I suppose) as opposed to the more strict chapter approach we see in these games. Though again, its not like the trailer does anything to show how that will play out.

Still though, very interested. If its something more in line with the usual exemplary map design that they do, on a larger scale I suppose, in this Left 4 Dead kind of gameplay style and with Dishonored/Prey kind of powers for combat and traversal (which is what I guess the trailer showed most), it could end up being a really really good take on the genre

SenorFartCushion41d ago

It’s because it’s Xbox and this is N4G. Xbox are bad at exclusives, but this is a good example of a decent one. Yeah, it’s Co-op, but it fills the void of Evil Dead being a silly online-only game. I couldn’t wait for Evil Dead as WWZ is one of my fave games I’ve ever played, and I played that offline like a nerd. ED looked like the perfect co-op follow-up that would have been fun being played alone for a bit, but that concept didn’t leave my head and they’ve made another Dead By Daylight clone.

This could fill the gap for me. Xbox not only are bad at keeping the exclusives for themselves, but they also make some of the biggest microtransaction-filled offenders in the business - mostly Sea of Thieves BUT WITH games. It’s annoying. This game feels similar, but you can play offline. I can relive the WWZ fun on my bill😅.

I play co-op a lot, but none of my mates like Wez 😂

TricksterArrow41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Oh, no. A company trying different things! Burn them! Burn them all!

Let this game live or die on it's own merits. Don't like it, don't buy it. Someone will and more power to them. It is that simple.

enkiduxiv41d ago

People are upset because one of their favorite single player devs is currently making two multiplayer coop games (Death Loop and this). I still remember the year Bethesda did the Save Player One campaign. We got four really good single player games from them and they all sold poorly. After that everything was monetized multiplayer garbage, except for Rage 2 I guess.

Yui_Suzumiya41d ago

Yeah but neither Redfall nor Death Loop are multi-player focused or forced. You can easily play them without even having internet.

aconnellan40d ago

I’m not super fussed on the trailer myself, but I can’t stand N4G’s general approach to CG trailers.

If you say you’re excited, people go “what for? It’s just a CG trailer the game could be terrible”

Yet in the next breath they’re more than happy to say how terrible it looks.

So we’re not allowed to be excited because CG trailers aren’t reflective of gameplay… but we are allowed to criticise it, even though it’s not reflective of gameplay?


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